How to pursue creativity in motherhood

Nothing is wasted

An excerpt from Create Anyway: The Joy of Pursuing Creativity in the Margins of Motherhood In the Gospel of John, there’s a story about a large crowd following Jesus that becomes hungry (hey moms, sound familiar?). A boy appears with […]

ideas on a deadline book cover

10 critical keys for designing a creative culture

It’s no secret that culture is more important than vision. I’ve worked in creative, vibrant cultures where original thinking is valued, people listen to each other, and wonderful things happen. On the other hand, I’ve worked at organizations where you […]

close up on artist using a paintbrush to paint oranges on paper

Using the Creator’s creativity in your own creative expression

He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers—all of them skilled workers and designers (Exodus 35:35). When I was a little […]

Q&A with the author of ‘Bare Tree and Little Wind: A Story for Holy Week’

Mitali Perkins is the author of many novels and picture books for young readers, including National Book Award nominee “You Bring the Distant Near” and “Rickshaw Girl,” which was adapted as a movie. Her latest book is “Bare Tree and […]

4 journal prompts for ‘Present Over Perfect’ living

Let’s talk for a minute about “perfect.” Perfect is brittle and unyielding, plastic, distant, more image than flesh. It keeps us isolated and exhausted, trying to reach some ideal that never comes.  And so, instead: present. If perfect is plastic, […]

How to style thrift store finds at home

And what to look for while you shop Have you ever walked into a thrift store, seen items in every direction and felt like you just didn’t know where to look or what to pick up? Or how you’d use […]

The magical power of telling the truth

Sometimes when we’re stuck, we need to hire a therapist, and other times, we simply need to tell ourselves the truth. We might avoid the truth, dance around the truth, be terrified of the truth, or like to spin the […]

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Musical encouragement for Christmas 2020

It’s Christmas 2020 and nothing is as it should be, it seems—or at least, it’s not the sort of holiday season we’ve come to expect. To provide some holiday encouragement this year, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas songs from […]


The lyrical life of the Nazarene

By Michael Card– The Nazarene had come to live The life of everyman And He felt the fascination Of the stars And as He wandered thru this weary world He wondered and He wept For there were so few Who’d […]


How well do you know your Christmas carols?

What was that certain kind of sleigh?  Or the gift from my one true love?  Or the prettiest sight to see?  Test your Christmas carols trivia in this 10-question quiz.  Complete the quiz to discover the correct answers!  Loading… Bonus […]

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This world is unfinished without your story

I’ve seen it 500 times. How rapt the listening faces are at hearing another’s words. How surprised writers are when they hear their own words aloud: Dave reading about his mother’s diagnosis of lung cancer. Joan telling about her daughter’s […]


8 ways to connect with nature on Earth Day

This year, we commemorate 50 years of Earth Day, a celebration of our planet and all its beauty. And it all started half a century ago on April 22, 1970––a day that launched the modern environmental movement, according to the […]

Books on Shelves in Library

Oh, where a library card can take you

The bulk of my education has come from something I can fit in my wallet. As a little girl, I got my first glimpse at what true passion feels like when I got a library card. I will never forget […]


5 things to consider if you’re new to working from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life for literally billions of people across the world, confronting nearly every industry with a litany of decisions that might’ve seemed incomprehensible just three months ago. Many employers have adopted work-from-home policies as stopgap measures […]

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10 podcast episodes to catch up on this week

If you’re home this week, self-isolating and helping to “flatten the curve,” here’s 10 episodes of the Do Gooders Podcast to help you use this “hard break” to find joy, define your core values, learn more about The Salvation Army’s […]


A tip to declutter and refocus each room in your house with Joshua Becker

Did you know we have some 50,000 storage facilities in the U.S.? That’s more than the number of Starbucks and McDonald’s locations combined.  One estimate cites the number of items inside the average American home at 300,000. But what purpose […]

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Messy room with a lot of clutter

Creative ideas to start living a simpler life with less stuff 

The idea of living a simple life with less stuff sounds attractive to many. But often, they begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated around the idea of owning less. That’s too bad. Learning how to declutter your home and […]


I’ve seen the Spirit move through art

Who knew social media could bring over 50 recovering addicts from The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center to a place of hope, through art? After admiring the work of Bay Area artist Brian Arriaga, we reached out. Through different pieces […]

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7 easy costumes to find at a Salvation Army thrift store

7 easy costumes to find at a Salvation Army thrift store

Halloween is quickly creeping up, and you don’t want to be left out in the dark without a costume! But no need to fear, The Salvation Army is here. For those last-minute costumes, look to your nearest Salvation Army Family […]

Taking Photo in Street

10 quick tips for taking beautiful photos

If you want to take a beautiful photograph, point your camera at a beautiful thing. That seems simple enough, but it is amazing how many people miss this most basic rule. Once you have found something beautiful to photograph, here […]

Thrift Store Jeans

Tips for thrift shopping as a beginner 

I’ve spent the past two years learning about zero-waste, melting ice in the Antarctic, tears in the ozone layer and our overall environmental crisis. The issues at hand seemed, to say the least, big. And the options we have to […]

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Person Reading Book in Open Tent with Trees in Background

9 reasons to make reading fiction part of your schedule

One of the most inspiring perks we’re lucky enough to have at Buffer is a free Kindle for each teammate (and her family!) and as many free Kindle books as you like, no questions asked. When we share what we’re […]

Flower Bouquets Displayed on Shelf in Store

How to arrange grocery store flowers like a professional

Whether it’s a single stem or a bouquet, flowers make us feel emotion. The gift of flowers expresses love, joy, sorrow, and often so much more. For centuries, flowers have been given as gifts, and for good reason: They are […]

Room with an outside view of building

How to add more hygge coziness to your life

“Hygge,” pronounced hoo-gah, is a Danish word for capturing a moment of bliss and an arguably healthy obsession of the way one views and lives life. It’s “the Danish art of coziness,” as explained by VisitDenmark. You know when you’re […]


How William Booth’s ideas on poverty continue to shape The Salvation Army today

If you’ve ever taken a trip on the London Underground, you cannot have missed the myriad signs pointing travelers in the direction of the “way out.” In operation since 1863, this network of trains ferrying passengers through the subterranean circuits […]

Quilt making supplies

A simple landmark of home

Handmade quilts serve as empowerment for women in recovery.   When Barbara Kelly heard about The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Program (ARP) in Chico, California, during a yoga class, she decided to encourage the women seeking treatment there the best […]

hand holding marker above paper

How art can heal and bring people together

How art can heal and bring people together When art meets people where they are, magical things can happen. Even better: when art heals people in some of the most dark or unexpected places through song, dance, the written word […]

woman reading book

5 things children’s books taught us

Our very first classroom was the nursery. Our first teachers were the voices who read the lines from someone’s imagination, the ones wild with hue. Children’s books have a peculiarly ingenious way of simplifying and beautifying the art of learning […]

poster, sandals, basket, blanket, and earrings

5 brands making an impact that you should know about

Here are the brands and items we’re loving for the summer, because they are making an impact. Purchasing these items will help better the world, from partnering with nonprofits to empower women to funding park projects. Parker Clay In partnership […]


5 ways to get creative with your kids

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” –Albert Einstein It’s important for us, as parents, to promote creativity with our children, encouraging them to think out of the box to make […]

person laying in hammock next to dog

How to rest well

The season of summer can be an interesting one: it might be travel, more work, kids are out of school—or even boring. However, this season might be one where you find true rest. I used to think that “resting” meant […]

Lettering art in purple on white paper

A letter to humanity, one post at a time

Employee and Salvationist Erick Rodriguez uses lettering for good Be kind. Be relentless. Be strong. If an artistic expression could choose its cause, Erick Rodriguez’s Instagram presence would be a call to a lifestyle of good, full of vim and […]

close up of white and pink flowers

Ministry without walls

In St. Louis, a missional community builds young leaders.   They gathered around 6 p.m. on a balmy Sunday evening, in a large backyard rimmed by rustling trees, the shaggy carpet of grass underfoot growing slightly dewy with Midwestern humidity. […]

Person pouring paint onto palette

6 activities to spark your creativity

Chances are that your schedule is booked 9-5, calendar is filled with family activities and routines, and any extra hours are filled with miscellaneous necessities. Perhaps, a deep breath and one of these activities will be able to refresh your […]

notebook and pen on table with plant and coffee cup

15 quotes for a boost of creativity

Enabling creativity takes a few key ingredients, like courage, childlike wonder, and character. Courage will enable you to invest, sacrifice, risk. Childlike wonder unlocks the world around you in a new and imaginative light. Character will give you the confidence […]

hands with palms up covered in paint

10 Bible verses for the creatively made

We are created beings by our creator, God, therefore, we have creativity coursing through our very veins. Growing into the person God has made us to be is to grow into the mold of goodness and beauty that perpetuates and […]

Woman journaling on Bible

Bible journaling 101: Getting started and lessons learned

Caught in the everyday routine of life, I realized I needed to renew my relationship with God and be spiritually challenged. I wanted to try a new way to worship the Lord—one that would take me out of my comfort […]

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young girl looking at iPad

Why cultural representation in children’s movies is important

When I first watched the children’s movie “Coco” with my daughter, I got emotional, not just because of the beautiful story it tells about family, but also because my little girl’s Mexican culture was finally represented in mainstream cinema. There […]

Man and woman dancing outside

How to make time for your marriage in parenthood

Five creative date ideas to bond as a couple After having children, married couples may tend to get caught up in the routine of everyday life. Sometimes in the middle of the chaos of getting the kids ready for school, […]

Instruments in black and white

How coming together to sing fosters community

After addressing the press and the American people on one of the darkest days in United States history, Sept. 11, 2001, Congress showed a rare expression of unity when it spontaneously burst into “God Bless America” on the steps of […]

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Faith & film

Exploring a reel spirituality “If I am simply critical of the culture, the culture is going to be dismissive of me. If we’re going to be effective in our outreach and evangelism, and if we’re going to really know ourselves—because we’re […]

"Good" Mural on wall

10 best public art projects for community good

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein When creatives and artists decide to make the community more beautiful or spread a message that we need to hear, we can’t help but join in, either through watching, helping or […]

Laptop on table next to cactus

10 things to do instead of binge-watching Netflix

Netflix is awesome. We all know it. We’ve all fallen down that dark hole where we forget what day it is and we just keep clicking and watching. But it doesn’t really give us life or get us out into […]

journaling supplies

How to Bible journal authentically

I most experience God when I am writing to and with him. The practice of Bible journaling was a breath of fresh air for me. It combines my love language with the one who gives me that love. However, I […]

Woman standing on hill above city

Finding your story

In those things that appear to set us apart, you might uncover the beauty in our diversity and our shared humanity. Have you ever been afraid of failing at something, only to realize that the real trouble is you are […]

Man sitting on couch talking on phone

Expanding minds

App collection lets kids create, test, play and learn Much like the way a good book can offer a new window to what is beyond our own domain, so too can interactive technology help kids make connections about their world. […]

Woman holding sparkler

Why we should start celebrating the ordinary

It’s an important part of living a life of gratitude. Celebration breeds excitement. We celebrate recurring events such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays as well as the milestones such as, graduations, promotions, weddings, adoptions and births. We throw large parties […]

Hand holding cup with laptop on lap next to Christmas tree

5 classic Christmas movies to watch again

“Elf” An accidental elf, raised in the North Pole, who brings holiday cheer to New York will have you singing carols and eating sweets in no time. “Miracle on 34th Street” A young lawyer defends a man claiming to be […]


Music of the soul

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Which songs connect with the deepest part of your being? Music is the language of the soul. Surely, at some point in your life you’ve connected—at the very deepest part […]

Restaurant Kitchen

The way we eat

Over and over, the American palate has undergone major transformations. That’s because what we put in our mouths is directly related to how new immigrants help America reinvent its cultural identity. America loves to call itself a “nation of immigrants” […]

Man holding paint brushes in black and white

Painting a better picture

Art helped a former Los Angeles gang member find God It wasn’t until the beating stopped that 12-year-old Fabian Debora realized he was officially a gang member. “Covered in blood I walked over to my cousin and told him that […]


The art of social transformation

“There is a growing awareness of the impact of inequality…Young artists are connected to social movements or to their ideologies through social media, and this will inevitably affect their interests and their work.” – Suzanne Lacy A new wave of […]

red shield community center sign

Red Shield Slideshow

For 66 years, The Salvation Army’s Los Angeles Red Shield has sat in the heart of the city’s Pico-Union neighborhood, a crowded community just west of downtown long plagued by poverty and gang violence. “There’s just a lot of history […]

Child with tambourines

World Class

Carving out a successful career in music can prove a tall task, but a growing number of musicians are discovering an unlikely launchpad: The Salvation Army. Special occasions at the White House often mean special performances from the United States […]

People posing in front of angel wings

Art, not ads

Colette Miller couldn’t help but notice all of the vast blank walls and canvases in Los Angeles. They’d look better covered with something there, she thought. But not ads. Instead, she envisioned big, bright angel wings. So one day in […]

Macy Miller and husband in front of house

It’s Not About The Tiny House

Architectural designer Macy Miller downsized her home by 90 percent and lives larger than ever. For many Americans, one-third to one-half of their income is earmarked for the roof over their heads, and nearly half of Americans are living in […]

Students at Extera School in East Los Angeles put their creativity to work with various elements at an Imagination Foundation event.

Invisible imagination  

Disability is redefining genius Have I actually understood? This weird quirk I try To suppress or hide Is a talent that could Help me meet the Wizard – Stephen Schwartz (Lyrics from “The Wizard and I” in the Broadway Musical […]

Image via

Homeless Rock Stars

Nigel Skeet has been photographing some of Rock & Roll’s greatest like Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Poison, to name a few, since arriving in L.A. in 1986.  But now, his focus has shifted to capturing the inner rock star […]

Actor Ty Burrell of "Modern Family" with Kids In The Spotlight participants.

Script to spotlight

Kids In The Spotlight trains young filmmakers and connects them to industry opportunities. Dressed in a golden and navy sundress, and draped in a sapphire wrap, Tige Charity greets everyone—film directors, actors and producers—whom she rallied together. After listening intently […]

Father and daughter looking at painting

Enjoying art

What is it that draws us in? Just west of Albuquerque, N.M., is Petroglyph National Monument. The centuries-old symbols inscribed in the rock faces are the art of people long ago. Archeologists and anthropologists studying petroglyphs ask not only with […]

Older Woman doing art

Artists and allies

Poverty and the Arts diminishes class lines and offers community.   Kateri Pomeroy, 63, has lived on the streets over two years. Arthritis limits her mobility, let alone her job prospects. Art provides solace. “I find it spiritually soothing…[and] therapeutic, […]

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Pages of a book


The Sacred Year Michael Yankoski shares his own story of experimenting with spiritual practices in “The Sacred Year” (Thomas Nelson, 2014), and how he found a meaningful faith. He guides the reader on a pilgrimage of exploring practices that usher […]

Painted handprints

Creating art, revealing emotion

Art therapy communicates symbolically to aid in recovery. “Can I do this? What I see in my mind, what I feel in my heart, will it show up?” An artist stares at her canvas uncertain yet excited. She longs to […]

children smiling with hands in air outside

Exercising creative potential

The Salvation Army builds character through music and art One of the greatest gifts a child can receive is the gift of creativity. Whether that gift is bestowed in the form of music, theater, dance or fine art, the ability […]

Man singing on stage

On the Record

Everything is dark—you can’t make out figures and shapes, and you stumble to gather your footing. This is every day for Louis Posen; he’s legally blind. Yet Posen has been right at the helm of Hopeless Records for the last […]

Headphones on briefcase

LSTN, hear

Bridget Hilton doesn’t go a day without music in her life. The raw energy of live shows, the soft hiss of vinyl on a record player, the soul and grit of rock ‘n’ roll––it’s all second nature to her. Growing […]

Stella Fella

Stella Fella

After consistently seeing more women at events on trafficking than men, Stephanie Lorenzo, Project Futures founder, was surprised to hear a man speak about the issue. Canadian journalist Victor Malarek said the way to stop trafficking was through prevention. “Malarek […]

Person in Povertee shirt

Life sewn together

It started with a vibrant pocket on a simple shirt. A pocket with a purpose. “We worked into the hours of the early morning to create a single pocket,” Povertees founder Tyler Patterson said. “After hours of trial and error, […]


Practice by puppetry

The Salvation Army is helping students in Kenya tap into their right-brain potential, improve their English and overcome stage fright—all through puppets. Sixty students at Kakamega Township Secondary School in Kakamega, Kenya, put on a show for over 200 individuals, […]

Noahs ARC room

Noah’s ARC sparks creative design

“This place is huge!” one student shouted––a sentiment echoed by twenty design students as they walked through the warehouse at The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Anaheim, Calif. These students would spend countless hours here over the next two […]

Man looking at camera with kids

Photos of empowerment

Nonprofits partner for photovoice workshops Three years following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti, The Salvation Army continues to work in affected communities toward tangible recovery. The Army is rebuilding its own Delmas 2 compound, a mainstay in Port-au-Prince […]


A family feel at High Point

Church redesign mixes coffee shop and living room [huge_it_slider id=”2″] Couches, coffee tables, state-of-the-art stage, art gallery and fair trade coffee bar—it sounds like the local coffee shop, but this is High Point Community Church. “High Point is comfortable,” said […]

bookshelves that are full

Virtually stocked shelves

Online sales turn a profit for the ARCs. [dropcap style=”normal or inverse or boxed”]D[/dropcap]on’t judge a book by its cover, just scan the ISBN. At one time, large cardboard boxes full of discarded books sat on the floor of Salvation Army […]

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painting of two woman laying down

Art – a social services healing agent

“Art and Shelter” exhibits paintings and photographs at Alegria. In the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles, The Salvation Army’s Alegria—a transitional housing program for homeless families affected by HIV and AIDS—is also home to a unique “Art and Shelter” series, […]