I’ve seen the Spirit move through art

Who knew social media could bring over 50 recovering addicts from The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center to a place of hope, through art? After admiring the work of Bay Area artist Brian Arriaga, we reached out. Through different pieces of his artwork, it was clear he is a believer with a testimony of transformation […]

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26: Go Backstage on Songwriting in Ministry with LT. Erin Wikle

 What is it about music that connects to something deep within us? And how does someone who writes songs set out to share work that is so personal? That’s what Lt. Erin Wikle is sharing on this episode of the Do Gooders Podcast. As a Salvation Army officer, or pastor, currently serving in Santa […]


‘God Gave Us the Bible’ author Q&A 

Author Lisa Tawn Bergren has a new children’s book, “God Gave Us the Bible,” out for 3–7 year olds. Featuring 45 stories from the Bible, it is a Bible storybook from the creators of “God Gave Us You.”  This new addition to the series introduces kids to the story of stories—the love between God and […]

Captain Mark Davey in superman shirt with puppet wearing same shirt

23: How theater arts offer outreach and impact with Captain Mark Davey

 Auditions, set prep, rehearsals, tech week, curtain call…show time. You’ll find that rundown at The Salvation Army in Casa Grande, Arizona, where the corps—the church—there hosts a monthly community production. Everything from “Godspell,” to “A Christmas Carol” or “Sleepy Hollow.” And in each role he has played, Captain Mark Davey said he goes in […]


6 easy costumes to find at a Salvation Army thrift store

Halloween is quickly creeping up, and you don’t want to be left out in the dark without a costume! But no need to fear, The Salvation Army is here. For those last-minute costumes, look to your nearest Salvation Army Family Store to find costume pieces and accessories perfect for your spooky ensemble. Here’s a few […]

Books on Shelves in Library

Oh, where a library card can take you

The bulk of my education has come from something I can fit in my wallet. As a little girl, I got my first glimpse at what true passion feels like when I got a library card. I will never forget the feeling—a little me with a blonde bowl haircut carrying a stack of picture books […]

Taking Photo in Street

10 quick tips for taking beautiful photos

If you want to take a beautiful photograph, point your camera at a beautiful thing. That seems simple enough, but it is amazing how many people miss this most basic rule. Once you have found something beautiful to photograph, here are 10 essential tips to help you better capture and share the beauty.  1. Learn […]

Thrift Store Jeans

Tips for thrift shopping as a beginner 

I’ve spent the past two years learning about zero-waste, melting ice in the Antarctic, tears in the ozone layer and our overall environmental crisis. The issues at hand seemed, to say the least, big. And the options we have to help—solar energy, environmentally safe products, electric cars—are undoubtedly on the pricier side. Nonetheless, every little […]

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Person Reading Book in Open Tent with Trees in Background

9 reasons to make reading fiction part of your schedule

One of the most inspiring perks we’re lucky enough to have at Buffer is a free Kindle for each teammate (and her family!) and as many free Kindle books as you like, no questions asked. When we share what we’re reading at Buffer on our Pinterest page or in our Slack community, the selections often […]

Overhead View of Open Picnic Basket

How to pack for a summer picnic with thrift store finds

With summer right around the corner, it’s finally time to say goodbye to the frigid winter and spring weather and hello to perfect outdoor-fun temperatures. Finding quick, easy and inexpensive outdoor activities for the summer can sometimes be a drag, but with the help of The Salvation Army’s array of Family Stores, thrifting your way […]

Flower Bouquets Displayed on Shelf in Store

How to arrange grocery store flowers like a professional

Whether it’s a single stem or a bouquet, flowers make us feel emotion. The gift of flowers expresses love, joy, sorrow, and often so much more. For centuries, flowers have been given as gifts, and for good reason: They are accessible, beautiful, timeless and add warmth to any space. Flowers can make a house feel […]


Cancer made me question my faith

A routine checkup at the dentist changed Sabina’s life forever. My name is Sabina Valerie, and I am a professional dancer. Modern and hip hop are two areas where I can be free, I guess, and like, move the way I want to move, move the way that I feel is natural. I graduated from […]

Room with an outside view of building

How to add more hygge coziness to your life

“Hygge,” pronounced hoo-gah, is a Danish word for capturing a moment of bliss and an arguably healthy obsession of the way one views and lives life. It’s “the Danish art of coziness,” as explained by VisitDenmark. You know when you’re driving in the dead of night, and all you’ve been seeing for miles and miles […]

hand holding marker above paper

How art can heal and bring people together

How art can heal and bring people together When art meets people where they are, magical things can happen. Even better: when art heals people in some of the most dark or unexpected places through song, dance, the written word or live theatre. “I think that we are all made to create,” said Bethany Farrell, […]

woman taking selfie with friends

Capturing life and improving it

Research finds taking and sharing pictures can enhance wellbeing. For something touted as a simple, modern way to connect, having a social media presence is complex. It can feel like a necessary evil—you want to stay in the loop and see your sister’s cat photos, but it’s easy to get sucked in and stumble upon […]

woman reading book

5 things children’s books taught us

Our very first classroom was the nursery. Our first teachers were the voices who read the lines from someone’s imagination, the ones wild with hue. Children’s books have a peculiarly ingenious way of simplifying and beautifying the art of learning by taking a complex standard and turning it into a bedtime story. More than just […]


5 ways to get creative with your kids

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” –Albert Einstein It’s important for us, as parents, to promote creativity with our children, encouraging them to think out of the box to make something grand. This not only enriches their minds, but also allows them to see the […]

Person pouring paint onto palette

6 activities to spark your creativity

Chances are that your schedule is booked 9-5, calendar is filled with family activities and routines, and any extra hours are filled with miscellaneous necessities. Perhaps, a deep breath and one of these activities will be able to refresh your mind, replenish your energy, and re-spark your creativity. All of these activities can be done […]

notebook and pen on table with plant and coffee cup

15 quotes for a boost of creativity

Enabling creativity takes a few key ingredients, like courage, childlike wonder, and character. Courage will enable you to invest, sacrifice, risk. Childlike wonder unlocks the world around you in a new and imaginative light. Character will give you the confidence to pursue creativity in what makes you uniquely you. Allow these wise words from artists […]

hands with palms up covered in paint

10 Bible verses for the creatively made

We are created beings by our creator, God, therefore, we have creativity coursing through our very veins. Growing into the person God has made us to be is to grow into the mold of goodness and beauty that perpetuates and pursues even greater goodness and beauty. All of this that exudes from our work and […]

Woman journaling on Bible

Bible journaling 101: Getting started and lessons learned

Caught in the everyday routine of life, I realized I needed to renew my relationship with God and be spiritually challenged. I wanted to try a new way to worship the Lord—one that would take me out of my comfort zone. Knowing I was not an artist, I decided to join a Bible journaling study. […]

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white chair outside next to plants

How to make time in your schedule for white space

If you’re a busy person, and especially if you have kids, finding quiet time to do absolutely nothing is a rare opportunity. There are thousands of things we can do for self-care to fill these moments. And while self-care activities are important, they often get put on the endless to-do list and end up feeling […]


How to create a prayer journal

With the increase of technology comes the escalation of distraction and an equal veer from the essentials of time and reflection. There is power in prayer and it’s disheartening how we are blanketing its light and ability with the rush of reality. Here is the opportunity to return to not a requirement of, but a […]

Woman smiling while smelling flower

A guide to self-love

You were designed as beloved, firstly loved by the one who knows perfect love. You have a personalized invitation to sit at the banqueting table, to be ravished by an intimate and divine romance. Consider embracing yourself in a way that reflects God’s first intentions for you, fully partaking in life with God. So, behold […]

Flowers in vase on stool

Why comparison is stealing your joy

We’re quick to forget we aren’t getting the full story. Comparison eats up energy, peace and creativity—all things that exist within joy. It’s a fear-based response that distracts us from our gifts. The jealousy we feel when we compare our lives to another person’s fuels the doubts and insecurities we have about ourselves. Theodore Roosevelt […]

"Good" Mural on wall

10 best public art projects for community good

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein When creatives and artists decide to make the community more beautiful or spread a message that we need to hear, we can’t help but join in, either through watching, helping or sharing it with others. It takes courage to put art out into the world, but […]