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Art, not ads

Colette Miller couldn’t help but notice all of the vast blank walls and canvases in Los Angeles. They’d look better covered with something there, she thought. But not ads. Instead, she envisioned big, bright angel wings.

So one day in 2012, she pulled some friends to keep a lookout for police, and she painted her first pair on a silver metal gate. That weekend, attendees of a nearby outdoor arts festival spontaneously formed a line in front of the image—all hoping to “get winged.”

So, Miller formed the Global Angel Wings Project to create “something to see in a dark alley that would give you remembrance of the good on this Earth.” She’s since splashed her trademark wings (featured on cover) across walls in Hermosa Beach, West Hollywood , and New York City, and internationally in Cuba, Kenya, Australia, and Mexico, among others.

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For all to read

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Salvation Army reinforcements boost Ecuador earthquake response

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