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Experiencing homelessness is often not just about a lack of housing. It’s also about sustainability. That’s why The Salvation Army has partnered with the cities of Riverside and Moreno Valley, CA, to offer a path to sustainability for people experiencing

Could you guess the most popular undergraduate course at the University of Notre Dame? If you guessed a philosophy class, titled “God and the Good Life,” you are correct. But it’s not the Philosophy 101 you may have taken in college. It’s

As we’re just a few days away from Christmas, allow me to, first things first, say: Merry Christmas! This season, we’ve been talking a lot about hope in The Salvation Army. Hope, by definition, is a feeling of optimism—it’s based on expecting

This is a very special episode as it’s our 100th episode of this show! When I sat down to plan this season and saw episode 100 would fall just before Christmas, I wanted to make sure we had a really special

Hula, gardening, harvesting, studying the Hawaiian language and learning the history of their ancestors—it’s all part of the addiction recovery process for women at The Salvation Army in Honolulu, Hawaii. By fusing addiction recovery with Native Hawaiian cultural values and traditions,

It’s the season of giving. Giving love, giving thanks. Giving to a red kettle near you. And while those bells ring, it’s also a season when many give of their time. They volunteer. Each year more than 3 million people of all ages volunteer