Christian rap artist creates anthem for 'the place that saved [his] life' Read More Feast of Sharing aims to renew Thanksgiving traditions in Los Angeles Read More The Salvation Army rescues a stranded group of students in Hoonah, Alaska Read More This Christmas, Hope Marches On for Americans overcoming pandemic hardships Read More

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Hula, gardening, harvesting, studying the Hawaiian language and learning the history of their ancestors—it’s all part of the addiction recovery process for women at The Salvation Army in Honolulu, Hawaii. By fusing addiction recovery with Native Hawaiian cultural values and traditions,

It’s the season of giving. Giving love, giving thanks. Giving to a red kettle near you. And while those bells ring, it’s also a season when many give of their time. They volunteer. Each year more than 3 million people of all ages volunteer

You’ve probably heard the term “pandemic poverty.” Maybe you were lucky and were able to work from home when the pandemic took hold of our communities. Or, you may know the reality of that poverty more intimately with the loss of a

By now, you’ve no doubt heard of the power of gratitude. Scripture tells us it’s God’s will for us to be thankful in all circumstances. And science has proven the benefits of a regular practice of gratitude for the mind and body. So

We’re in the business of telling you stories of transformation and hope—and sometimes, we get the chance to show you. If you head to, we have an entire library of firsthand accounts of hope found with the help of The

When Dan Garrett stood in a prison yard and first devoted his life to God, he began his journey toward restoration. He describes going through recovery as “one of the hardest things you can do in life,” as his devotion