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Jesus led by example when he advocated for the most marginalized, and we must too.  That includes advocating for biblical equality, which can range from equal treatment between genders, races, socio-economic status and more. Bringing justice into our families, ministries and

Have you been to a Salvation Army summer camp? If so, I know you remember it well.  Camp is a place where kids discover inner-strength, learn valuable life skills, make lifelong friends, appreciate the outdoors and are mentored with love and

Oh, social media. We love it, and loathe it. Is it a blessing or curse? Friend or foe? How can we use it for good?  In this episode, our hosts—Cassandra Amezquita and Meagan Ruff—interview Lauren Birks about her own experience with

As things start to go back to “normal,” is normal even a possibility now?  How do you feel about the zoo?  What about your favorite TikTok trend? Yes, we’re covering it all and more in this episode—a freestyle conversation between your hosts featuring

Only those who’ve experienced grief can truly understand what it means to grieve. For Donna Shea to understand, it meant the loss of her daughter to cancer. Now as case manager at The Salvation Army emergency family shelter in San Antonio and

How do you grow a relationship after years of marriage? Megan and Francisco Villalpando are on the show to share more from their own experience after six years married.  As the Western Territorial Young Adult Missions and Communications Director and California