7 easy costumes to find at a Salvation Army thrift store

7 easy costumes to find at a Salvation Army thrift store

Halloween is quickly creeping up, and you don’t want to be left out in the dark without a costume! But no need to fear, The Salvation Army is here. For those last-minute costumes, look to your nearest Salvation Army Family Store to find costume pieces and accessories perfect for your spooky ensemble. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Cowboy or farmer

flannels, jean jacket, hat, and boots for farmer and cowboy costumes

Our stores are never in short supply of flannel shirts—perfect for cowboy or farmer costumes. All you need to complete the look is a pair of jeans, some boots and a cowboy hat. Add a bandana and some rope and you’re all set. As for the farmer look, ditch the rope, wear some working gloves and carry a shovel. Yahoo! You’re all done.

Hippie or bohemian

colorful dresses and shoes for hippie costume

A super easy costume to put together for the ladies is the 1960s hippie, bohemian look. Our stores are filled with long, flowy summer dresses that can give you that free-loving look. Pair the dress with bead or shell necklaces, sandals and a headband to complete the look.

70s Disco

shiny shirt and pants with black shoes for male disco costume

gold shirt and black pants with high heels for female disco costume

Next up, the 70s. Think the Bee Gees, John Travolta and lots of glitz. It’s all about the disco. Whether it’s for men or women, we’re talking loud, bright colors and polyester.

Angel or princess

white dresses with purple and yellow wings for angel costume

The easiest costumes for little girls are angel and princess costumes—and you are almost sure to find pink and white dresses at the thrift store. Add some fairy wings or make a cardboard cone with some chiffon fabric hanging out and you’ve got the prettiest princess in the land.

“Dia de los Muertos” look

black dresses with yellow and red mask for dia de los metros costume

Now if your little one wants to “scary it up” a bit, a popular look is the “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” look. For boys or girls, black clothing is all you need. For face paint ideas, simply Google this popular Mexican holiday and you’ll get loads of examples.


white shirt with red dots and red wig for clown costume

Clowns have made a comeback. Whether your child wants to be a scary or fun clown, you can find the right accessories at the thrift store. We have wigs, pom poms and yarn—all can be turned into hair. Red and white tops or bottoms can be used and anything polk-a-dot is great. Top it off with some white gloves and you’re all set.


Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, shorts, and sandals for tourist costume

If you still have a camera tucked in the back of your closet (no, your cell phone won’t work), take it out and use it for the ultimate tourist look. Your nearest Salvation Army store generally has a plethora of Hawaiian shirts. Wear a tropical shirt over a white T-shirt, some Bermuda shorts, long socks, open toed sandals and that camera over your neck. To complete the look, a straw hat works nicely—and don’t forget the zinc on the nose.

If you really want to get creative, tape some vacation photos on your shirt. 

As a spin on the idea, if you happen to find a pair of boxing gloves while shopping at the thrift store, wear them with this costume. Now you’re Hawaiian Punch. 

However you’re inspired to dress up this year, take your ideas and shop your neighborhood Salvation Army Family Store, knowing your perfect costume is also going to do good for those in need in your community.

Do Good: 

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