Programs promote academic, artistic and spiritual growth. [gss gallery ids="19854,19855,19856,19857,19858,19859,19860,19861,19862"] In June, the El Cajon, Calif., corps held Youth Sunday, commemorating a year of successful youth ministry and demonstrating accomplishments in music, art and troop programs. During the service, the congregation honored

The five North American Salvation Army staff bands perform together for the first time. By Karen Gleason - [gss gallery ids="19269,19270,19275,19276,19277,19278,19279,19280,19282,19284,19272,19273,19274,19281,19283,19285,19286,19289,19287,19288"] The Salvation Army North American Brass Celebration brought together all five North American staff bands to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the