Lizeth Beltran

Outside view of prison tower

Reaching in

“When I was in jail the last couple of times, I was questioning everything I thought that was right. I found the Bible and God...It was a break from the madness... Read More
Child with tambourines

World Class

Carving out a successful career in music can prove a tall task, but a growing number of musicians are discovering an unlikely launchpad: The Salvation Army. ... Read More

Just the ticket

Tix4Cause flips empty seats for charity cash. Another weekend, another game day. Though routine in Mary Nemetz’s household, she still hadn’t come to grips... Read More
A volunteer works in front of a portrait of individuals facing homelessness | Photos courtesy of Hack To End Homelessness

Hack to give back

How the Hack To End Homelessness Initiative introduced Seattle techies to the greater community. Commuting to work is uneventful for most people, but for Sea... Read More