April 2016

Retrain the brain

Neurofeedback treatment is helping veterans, recovering addicts and everyone in between find peace from the noise within. On the campus of a homeless shelter... Read More

Mentoring success

Corporate leader Diane Paddison founded an organization to mentor Christian women in the workplace. Salvation Army National Advisory Board member Diane Padd... Read More
Child with tambourines

World Class

Carving out a successful career in music can prove a tall task, but a growing number of musicians are discovering an unlikely launchpad: The Salvation Army. ... Read More
John Potter smiling

Never beyond grace

John Potter once rode with a biker gang, but now serves the community breakfast.   “My story starts with a gallon of milk.” It might sound dramatic, but ... Read More

Empathic compassion

His rheumy eyes seemed on the verge of imminent discharge—without spark, listless, lacking in spirit—within ill fitting, almost hollow cavities in a tight, hard... Read More
People posing in front of angel wings

Art, not ads

Colette Miller couldn’t help but notice all of the vast blank walls and canvases in Los Angeles. They’d look better covered with something there, she thought. B... Read More
Person holding phone while on laptop

For all to read

With developing technology, biblical translation is happening faster than ever. Bible translation has always been a complicated and often controversial proce... Read More

Serving with skills

In her office near the Willamette River in downtown Portland, Mackenzie Neitling spends her days reviewing design goals, attending construction meetings and dra... Read More

A choice opportunity

John volunteers weekly at the Spokane Salvation Army Food Bank “At the end of the day, I may be tired from the work I’ve been doing, but I leave here exhil... Read More
Family standing by garden


Meighen Lovelace needed help from a Salvation Army food bank a decade ago. Now she’s the one helping clients. When Meighen Lovelace first walked into The Sal... Read More