summer 2013

Person holding carrots


A holistic Middle Ground approach to early childhood education ministries “Let’s sing hello to Leo, to Leo, to Leo. Let’s sing hello to Leo, sing hello. Let’... Read More
Large hand holding smaller hand

Generosity of spirit

Generosity is a spiritual word. It speaks of the type of relationship between a giver and a receiver. It synthesizes the “fruit of the spirit” listed by Paul... Read More
Women holding bags by Salvonista van

Salvonista pop-up store

At first glance, the Salvonista Mobile Boutique appears to be an ordinary van, but a closer inspection reveals otherwise. This one-of-a-kind eco-friendly vehi... Read More
Hands folded over Bible

Motivating a donation

Board Member Dick Hagerty explains how it’s done This morning as we stood in church and sang “Amazing Grace,” I deeply felt that awesome gift from God—that h... Read More