The Salvation Army in Hawaii announced it will assist families affected by the Jan. 19 Diamond Hill shootings and fires. Following the tragic shootings of two Honolulu Police Department officers and the devastating fires that ensued in Honolulu’s Diamond Head neighborhood,

The Salvation Army is “Reimagining” Women’s Ministries worldwide to be fit for purpose in the 21st century.  The World President of Women’s Ministries (WPWM) Commissioner Rosalie Peddle and World Secretary for Women’s Ministries (WSWM) Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham will challenge Salvationists and

Lemoyne Gooding, a retired longtime employee, seeks assistance, awareness for survivors. By Kathy Lovin -  Lemoyne Gooding—who retired from The Salvation Army Western Territory in 2014 after more than three decades of service—has established the Gooding Anti-Trafficking Endowment. At 95, Gooding said she

By Simone Worthing and Lauren Martin -  As the bushfire crisis continues to escalate across Australia, Salvation Army international leader General Brian Peddle called for prayer while Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) crews, Salvationists and volunteers continue to support thousands of