The top 10 Caring stories of 2019

From moving to an all-digital format to launching The Do Gooders podcast, Caring’s 25th year of publication proved to be much more than an anniversary celebration. As we close out 2019, Caring rounded up its 10 most-read  stories of the year. From little-known facts about The Salvation Army, to what the experience of homelessness is like or the truth about human trafficking, this is a go-to list of what to know about the organization and how to do good today.


10. 10 self-care brands doing good in the world

Blue FEED Project Bag in Front of Plants

There are countless ways you can express self-care—in the way you unwind, present yourself to others and feel confident within. Whether it’s making sure you stay hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day, taking a bath to unwind, creating a fitness plan or looking your best at the office, self-care spans every aspect of your being. It’s about treating yourself with care, and going into the world with intention. Here are 10 brands that can help you feel good while also doing good for the world.


9. The truth about human trafficking: 10 things you didn’t know

It’s safe to say most people have heard of human trafficking. Perhaps you’ve learned about it through social media, at church or even reading through this very magazine. And while it’s an exciting time in the anti-trafficking movement due to the increased awareness, we worry about the message that’s coming across. 

As four anti-trafficking practitioners with more than 30 years of combined experience, we’ve each learned the ins and outs of this horrific crime and have walked alongside its survivors…Based on our collective insights and experiences, here are 10 things we wish everyone knew about human trafficking.


8. The Do Gooders Podcast, Shownotes of Episode 06: How The Salvation Army will double its impact on homelessness with Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder

Do Gooders Podcast 12 Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder

When Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder returned to the U.S. after 11 years living abroad, he said he was taken aback by the number of people he saw living on the streets—in tents, below freeway underpasses, and at the base of our cities’ skyscrapers.

He returned to the West coast to lead The Salvation Army here and knew The Salvation Army had to act.

In this episode, he shares more about The Way Out—a Salvation Army initiative in the West to not only address the epidemic of homelessness, but to double The Salvation Army’s impact—because as Commissioner Hodder says: there is no one better poised to do so.


7. How The Salvation Army introduced America to the donut

Salvation Army Soldiers Holding Donuts

National Donut Day, launched in 1938 by The Salvation Army in Chicago, is held annually on the first Friday in June. It’s our homage to the Donut Lassies and their contribution to the war effort. 


6. Bus tickets back home as a strategy to address homelessness

The Salvation Army in El Cajon, California, started “A Way Back Home” as a homelessness reunification program launched on the back of a $10,000 grant from the local government. Since its inception, the program has helped 34 people reunite with a family member or close friend and find a stable living arrangement.


5. What it’s really like to be married to a soldier

It’s been nearly four years of being married, and so much has happened since then—from moving to our first home in Louisiana, to Erik deploying and the birth of our daughter, Emma. I’ve learned many lessons and we’ve overcome challenges that have made our marriage stronger.

But being married to a soldier is not like it is in the movies or on TV. It comes with tears, laughter, stress and an endless amount of uncertainty. Here is what it’s really like.


4. What experiencing homelessness taught me about having plans

“I had a lot fear. I was coming here from a place of failure and that was a big problem for me for long time was my pride. Losing everything for me was a catalyst to be broken enough. God was calling me out that if I continue down the path I was in, I was just going to have more of the same. And so the Holy Spirit told me that I had a decision to make.”

That decision changed his entire life.


3. All about the Do Gooders Podcast

Life is busy, but you can do good right where you are, and The Do Gooders Podcast is here to help. Join Christin Thieme, editor of The Salvation Army’s Caring Magazine, as she interviews guests each week for ideas to make an impact—from what it means to do good, to where to discover joy, what it is really like to be homeless or how to raise kind kids. If you want to be inspired and find tangible tips for simple actions you can take for good, this is the podcast for you.


2. The importance of taking initiative

The key to making change happen in all aspects of life is by taking the initiative to do so. This allows us to take charge in what we want to accomplish, ensure our voices are heard and take that step toward meeting our goals and achieving our dreams. Here are some important areas of our lives in which we can take initiative.


1. 30 things you didn’t know about The Salvation Army

Man in Salvation Army Uniform with Crowd

When many people hear of The Salvation Army, they think only of thrift stores and red kettles. Yet the Army is so much more. Here are 30 things you probably didn’t know about The Salvation Army.

Do Good: 

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