Life is busy, but you can do good right where you are, and The Do Gooders Podcast is here to help. Join Christin Thieme, editor of The Salvation Army’s Caring Magazine, as she interviews guests for ideas to make an impact—from what it means to do good, to where to discover joy, what it is really like to be homeless or how to raise kind kids. If you want to be inspired and find tangible tips for simple actions you can take for good, this is the podcast for you.

This season on the Do Gooders Podcast, we explore Savoring Simplicity at Advent.⁠ We don’t know exactly what Christmas will look like this year, but we do know it will be different than what we’re used to. What happens when we strip away all the hullabaloo? How can we use this time to focus in and celebrate without the extra noise? Listen wherever you download podcasts.

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