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The importance of taking initiative

The key to making change happen in all aspects of life is by taking the initiative to do so. This allows us to take charge in what we want to accomplish, ensure our voices are heard and take that step toward meeting our goals and achieving our dreams.

Here are some important areas of our lives in which we can take initiative:

Personal goals

All of us have personal goals—whether that’s making the most of time spent with family, changing our lifestyles to improve our health, or challenging ourselves to unplug and dive into the things we enjoy like reading, crafting, building things or writing.

Make a plan and take action to complete these objectives. Create a checklist of your goals in a journal and map out a way you will accomplish them. Write down the steps it will take to achieve them, and give yourself realistic deadlines to make them happen.

Following these plans will not only help us achieve these initial goals, but also give us the confidence to take on more difficult and long-term objectives for our lives like becoming debt free or purchasing a home.


Taking initiative at our jobs can make all the difference as we work toward advancing in our career paths. It helps feature our work ethic and strengths while exhibiting all we are capable of accomplishing.

Think of ways you can go the extra mile at work and really showcase your potential. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, as they may be just what your employer is looking for. Use constructive feedback as learning opportunities to continue getting better at what you do, and take classes to acquire new skills you can bring to the table.

By doing so, you’ll ensure you are doing everything possible to have a successful future, while also providing for yourself and your family.

Our communities

In order to make the world a better place, we must all take strides to better our own communities as well. Taking action in community causes—no matter how big or small—is the first step. You never know how much of an impact doing good in the community can have on someone else.

Food baskets you help distribute may help provide families in need with meals to survive until the next pay period. Clothing you donate may be just what someone needed to make a good first impression and have a successful job interview to get back on their feet. And the awareness and funds you are raising for causes such as poverty, diseases or human rights, may inspire others to do the same and make even more progress.

Use your talents and strengths to come up with solutions to meet the crucial needs in your own community. If you want to advocate for the arts in educational institutions, organize a talent show and art exhibition in your community and donate the proceeds to art programs at local schools. If you want to combat homelessness in your area, volunteer at local shelters or fundraise on their behalf so they are able to provide more services.

These are just a couple of the many ways we can take initiative in our communities. The opportunities to do good are endless, and will lead to a better future for generations to come.

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