Vol 20 No 03

Dr. Andrew Doan

‘Digital crack’

Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Doan carries an inside-out expertise on video game addiction. At his peak, Dr. Andrew Doan was playing up to 100 hours of video ga... Read More
Different plates of healthy food

Frugal flavor

Leanne Brown New cookbook invites you to eat well on a budget. With just $4 a day, you can eat well and enjoy it. That was Leanne Brown’s goal in writ... Read More

Feed. The. Need.

The Waste Not OC Coalition works to get garbage-bound food into the hands of those who need it most. When you think Newport Beach, Calif., Range Rover carava... Read More
Man scaling wall


Taking on addiction for families By Vivian Gatica - Addiction affects the whole family. That’s what Gary Mendell will tell you. His son, Brian, s... Read More
Three Salvation Army Officers

Remaining true

When Richard did arrive, she told him he could only visit the kids one day a week. Edith said each time he visited she would do a “proof and search” to ensure h... Read More
Tree and road in fog

Finding home, again

Refugees set themselves apart as survivors, but they are not safe from the holds of addiction. Patrick’s family was strikingly different from other refugee f... Read More
Bowl of candy

Healthy choices

Transformed life Every day I look into the eyes of men and women who are struggling to overcome addictions. As an officer in The Salvation Army, I have the r... Read More
Group of people standing together

Redesigning recovery

Creative Matters offers new chance at imaginative career In Los Angeles, one residential treatment center is taking its client job placement program further ... Read More