Ian Butler

Fighting for success

“I died and came back—overdosed actually,” Ian Butler said. “My vision was getting blurry and I was getting ready to go, getting ready to die so I said my last ... Read More

Core convictions

Holiness as biblical spirituality The Salvation Army’s first doctrine is concerned with the Bible, a remarkable book that has had a profound impact throughou... Read More
Two women with young girl inside

Serving to solving

Client-caseworker relationships can make all of the difference in Pathway of Hope. Average Pathway of Hope client growth rate After first quarter: 1.6% Aft... Read More
Derrick Engoy

Immersive leadership

Derrick Engoy, the soft-spoken poet, pastor and nonprofit advocate seems nervous when I first meet him. Dressed in a gray fedora, navy blue buttoned shirt and... Read More
Overview of houses

Living in community

As a historian, I appreciate reading books about the past. Yet as a person of faith, I seek out books that strengthen my faith in this present age. I am always ... Read More

Embracing stillness

Chris Heuertz grew up in a struggling lower middle class home in Omaha, Neb., and was the first of his family to attend college. He double majored in theology a... Read More