Person standing on rocks

Stay hungry

I was reading a book this weekend that peers into the inner-life (or obvious lack of it in today's world) of Christian leaders. I’ve been reflecting on my own p... Read More

Lost at sea

Wilson grew up attending church with his grandparents, who adopted him. He also grew up helping on fishing vessels in Alaska. “There’s something about b... Read More
People waving miniature flags at the capitol building

Finding harmony

Rising incivility has put many Americans on edge. What roles can Christians play in bringing peace to the public sphere? Blogger David Gushee took a month-l... Read More

A place to call home

Does Scripture address the concept? Even those of us who grew up in transition or without a traditional home still understand the idealized concept of a home... Read More
adult holding newborn baby hand

Welcoming a child

We know that the Gospel accounts include episodes where we see Jesus placing a firm emphasis on the place and value of children. “We see Jesus blessing chil... Read More

Mentoring success

Corporate leader Diane Paddison founded an organization to mentor Christian women in the workplace. Salvation Army National Advisory Board member Diane Padd... Read More

Empathic compassion

His rheumy eyes seemed on the verge of imminent discharge—without spark, listless, lacking in spirit—within ill fitting, almost hollow cavities in a tight, hard... Read More
Person holding phone while on laptop

For all to read

With developing technology, biblical translation is happening faster than ever. Bible translation has always been a complicated and often controversial proce... Read More
J Koebel

Finding a constant love

J Koebel’s dreams were coming true. He moved from Wisconsin to New York City where he was soon working regularly as a stand up comedian. Yet his addictions b... Read More

Hope trumps despair

Easter ushers in spring, and hope is in the air. Easter has become a time for celebration, for enjoying the flowers, the warm greetings of a Sunday morning, ... Read More