Ultimate direction

Young adults in the Southwest Division seek God’s “ultimate direction.”

by Leilani Armendariz – 

Young adults from the Southwest Division enjoy time at the Sunrise Ski Resort.

With 56 delegates attending, the Southwest Division recently held its largest yet young adult retreat. The theme for the weekend was “Ultimate Direction.” Guest leaders, Captains Ivan and Jennifer Wild, Torrance, Calif. corps officers, challenged the delegates to look at their relationship with Christ to see where they were and to decide where they wanted to be—in the center of God’s will.

Saturday recreation activities took place at Sunrise Ski Resort. On the drive to the resort, delegates read Drive Time Devotions and shared group discussions.

At the mountain they were happy to find an extra foot of fresh snow. Some were “newbies” who opted for ski or snowboard lessons, and by the end of the day almost everyone could get down the slopes in one fashion or another (swooshing or falling), whether by skis or snowboard. This made for some great pictures!

On Sunday, many of the young adults responded to God’s calling and recommitted themselves to his will for their lives. The delegates left feeling that it was an incredible Spirit-filled weekend of fellowship and reflection!

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