Vol 22 No 04

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A community embraces a reluctant champion.   Sara at Whisk, a local bakery in Benton Park. Sara practices a local first approach, and has become good friend... Read More
Three people together near cliff edge

Global alliance

How the creation care movement is bringing interfaith groups together. In late 2016, The Salvation Army in the U.K., in conjunction with a contingent of Quak... Read More

Intentional living

I’ve been discovering the deep peace that is found in being fully present. A few things have helped. I’ve been experimenting with an app, Headspace, that teache... Read More
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Share and share alike

New research into the sharing economy illustrates how companies can better serve the underserved. It’s easy to see ridesharing companies Lyft or Uber as a sa... Read More
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Trees turn to heat

“It’s firewood, but to them it’s gold.” - Lt. Kevin Pope, former Coos Bay Corps Officer The City of Coos Bay and The Salvation Army make use of downed trees to... Read More

Authentic influence

Are you authentically expressing your requests? Are you authentically fulfilling your promises? It is only through our interdependence with others that we crea... Read More

Music of the soul

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche Which songs connect with the deepest part of your being? Music is the language of the soul... Read More