Mindy Farabee

Three people together near cliff edge

Global alliance

How the creation care movement is bringing interfaith groups together. In late 2016, The Salvation Army in the U.K., in conjunction with a contingent of Quak... Read More
human network diagram

Share and share alike

New research into the sharing economy illustrates how companies can better serve the underserved. It’s easy to see ridesharing companies Lyft or Uber as a sa... Read More
People waving miniature flags at the capitol building

Finding harmony

Rising incivility has put many Americans on edge. What roles can Christians play in bringing peace to the public sphere? Blogger David Gushee took a month-l... Read More
Lydia sitting at kitchen table

Surviving servitude

When Lydia pressed for her money, her employers simply got more creative with their accounting. At one point, the family gave her a cell phone, but charged her ... Read More