Vol 20 No 04

A vision to love

By Angel -  I have experienced abuse. One time, when I lived with a lady with a gambling addiction, I was locked in a basement, unallowed to use the bathr... Read More
A volunteer works in front of a portrait of individuals facing homelessness | Photos courtesy of Hack To End Homelessness

Hack to give back

How the Hack To End Homelessness Initiative introduced Seattle techies to the greater community. Commuting to work is uneventful for most people, but for Sea... Read More
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Editor’s Note

Since 1943, we’ve accepted that people are motivated to achieve certain needs, moving on to the next only after one is fulfilled. Psychologist Abraham Maslow de... Read More
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Economic justice

Right from the beginning, William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, was concerned with poverty and all it brought with it. It simply didn’t seem just that t... Read More
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Finding the end

To eradicate the issue, The Poverty Initiative focuses on the who and why. Roughly 48.8 million people—or 15.8 percent of the U.S. population—lived below the... Read More
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The Sacred Year Michael Yankoski shares his own story of experimenting with spiritual practices in “The Sacred Year” (Thomas Nelson, 2014), and how he found ... Read More
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Plotting a new course

Teens Exploring Technology works to curb youth involvement in gangs. Oscar Menjivar’s parents knew they needed to leave El Salvador––an epicenter of Central ... Read More

A graceful idea

The Chisomo Idea builds brighter futures for communities in Malawi Noel Musicha, founder and CEO of The Chisomo Idea Noel Musicha was one of the lucky on... Read More
Two women with young girl inside

Serving to solving

Client-caseworker relationships can make all of the difference in Pathway of Hope. Average Pathway of Hope client growth rate After first quarter: 1.6% Aft... Read More