Changes of Appointment 2017

Territorial Commander Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder announced the following appointments, effective June 28, unless otherwise noted.

Territorial Headquarters

Lt. Colonel Sheryl Tollerud, Assistant Program Secretary for Corps Ministries
Major Kyle S. Trimmer, Men’s Ministries Secretary – Men’s Ministry

Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command

Major Henry L. Graciani — General Secretary
Major Bernadine Graciani — Secretary for Program
Major Jessica Markiewicz — Assistant Secretary for Business
Major Catherine Boyd — Director of Special Services – ANAHEIM ARC
Major James D. Boyd — Administrator – ANAHEIM ARC
Major Paul V. Chouinard — Administrator – TUCSON ARC
Major Rachel D. Chouinard — Director of Special Services – TUCSON ARC
Major Dennis L. Earnhart — Administrator – PHOENIX ARC
Auxiliary Captain Adriana A. Earnhart — Director of Special Services – PHOENIX ARC
Major Erik J. Hoogstad — Administrator – CANOGA PARK ARC
Major Richard G. Larson — Associate Administrator – RIVERSIDE ARC
Major Tammy Larson — Director of Special Services – RIVERSIDE ARC
Major Courtney L. Stratton — Director of Special Services – PORTLAND ARC
Major Darren S. Stratton — Administrator – PORTLAND ARC
Major Brian K. West — Administrator – SAN DIEGO ARC
Major Iva M. West — Director of Special Services – SAN DIEGO ARC
Lieutenant Jennifer M. Butler — Director of Special Services – FRESNO ARC
Lieutenant LeeVale Butler, Jr. — Associate Administrator – FRESNO ARC
Lieutenant Edith K. Dye-Mabie — Director of Special Services – ANCHORAGE ARC
Lieutenant Richard G. Mabie — Administrator – ANCHORAGE ARC
Lieutenants Hannah (Yeong) and John Kim — Chaplains – SAN FRANCISCO ARC
Lieutenant Samuel H. Snyder — Chaplain – LONG BEACH ARC
Lieutenant Darrell W. Williamson — Chaplain – ANAHEIM ARC

College for Officer Training

Major John P. Brackenbury – Assistant Training Principal
Captain Neil-Favio & Rubina Navarro — Directors of Personnel
Captain Cristian A. Sibaja — Personnel Officer
Business Administration
Lieutenant James E. Combs — Logistics Officer
Campus Services
Major Pamilla Brackenbury — Director of Campus Services

Alaska Division

Major Shevaun Malone — Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary and Divisional Secretary for Program*
Captain Peter C. Pemberton — Divisional Secretary for Business
Captain Jan M. Pemberton — Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Major David Davis — Alaska State Defense Force Chaplain*
Lieutenant Denice M. Delgado — Anchorage Social Services Director
Majors Florence & Joseph Murray — Corps Officers – SITKA, AK and KAKE, AK**
Majors Barbara & Scott Schneider — Corps Officers – HOMER, AK
Major Londa G. Upshaw — Corps Officer – PETERSBURG, AK
Captains Dwayne & Hilary Patterson — Corps Officers – ANCHORAGE, AK
Lieutenants Taurean & Yohani Ortiz — Corps Officers – JUNEAU, AK
Lieutenants Dana & Lance Walters — Corps Officers – FAIRBANKS, AK

Cascade Division

Major Mark L. Gilden — Divisional Secretary
Major Vicki M. Gilden — Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary and Retired Officers’ Representative*
Major Deanna Sholin — Community Care Ministries Secretary**, Older Adult Ministries Secretary**, VAVS Representative** and Order of the Silver Star**
Major Eugenia R. Sumter — Divisional Program Officer and McMinnville Ministry Officer*
Major Hendrik F. Sumter — Emergency Disaster Services Director and Service Extension Director*
Lieutenant Loreen G. Hamilton — Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Lieutenant Joshua T. Hamilton — Divisional Youth Secretary
Lieutenant Christina Arnold — Clackamas Ministry Officer*
Lieutenant Jared Arnold — Operation Home Front Coordinator*
Lieutenant Raymond Morris — Divisional Thrift Store Liaison and Men’s Ministries Secretary*
Captain Jill A. Steiner — Portland City Coordinator and Portland Metro Chaplain Coordinator*
Captain Robert J. Steiner — Portland City Coordinator
Majors Gregory & Orpha Moody — Corps Officers – Idaho Falls, ID
Majors Elaine & Ronald Wildman — Corps Officers – GRANTS PASS, OR
Lieutenants John & Sharlena Cardenas — Corps Officers – THE DALLES, OR
Lieutenants Jazmin & Marcos Roman — Corps Officers – TUALATIN VALLEY, OR

Del Oro Division

Major Elisabeth P. Desplancke — Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary, Older Adult Ministries Secretary* and VAVS Secretary*
Major Frank E. Desplancke — Finance Trainee
Captains Esther & Timothy Hsu — Corps Officers – OAKLAND CHINATOWN, CA
Captains Emmanuel & Jennifer Masango — Corps Officers – SACRAMENTO CITADEL, CA
Captains Julius & Shannon Murphy — Corps Officers – YUBA/SUTTER, CA
Captains Rachel & Rio Ray — Corps Officers – SANTA ROSA, CA
Captain Laura M. Wycoff — East Campus Ministries Coordinator – SANTA ROSA, CA
Lieutenant Larry J. Carmichael — Corps Officer – SAN RAFAEL, CA

Golden State Division

Major Mark A. Nelson — General Secretary
Major Noelle Nelson — Retired Officers’ Liaison and VAVS Secretary*
Majors Paula & Roy Wild — Corps Officers – SANTA CLARA CITADEL, CA and Santa Clara County Coordinators*
Majors Evadne & Terrance Wright — Corps Officers – RIDGECREST, CA
Captain Erika Hernandez — Associate Corps Officer – BAKERSFIELD, CA and Latino Ministry Coordinator – BAKERSFIELD, CA*
Captains Marjorie & Ryan Miller — Corps Officers – MERCED, CA
Lieutenant Jose F. Juárez — Assistant Corps Officer – HANFORD, CA
Lieutenants Antonio & Heather Romero — Corps Officers – SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO CITADEL, CA

Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division

Major John Bennett — Divisional Secretary for Business and Divisional Disaster Services Coordinator*
Major Judy Bennett — Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary, Community Care Ministries Secretary* and VAVS Secretary*
Major Stephen A. Ball — Republic of Marshall Islands Coordinator
Major Nancy L. Ball — Marshall Islands Leadership Training Center Director
Lieutenants Bill & Cathy Simon — Corps Officers – LIHUE, HI and Kauai County Coordinators*
Lieutenant Shawn U. Keoho — Corps Officer – HANAPEPE, HI and In-Charge – KOLOA OUTPOST*
Lieutenants Anthony & Tammy Poe — Corps Officers – KAULUWELA MISSION, HI

Intermountain Division

Captain Audra S. Whipple — Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Captain Daniel J. Whipple — Divisional Youth Secretary
Captain David P. Kauffman — Corps Officer – COLORADO SPRINGS, CO and County Coordinator – El Paso County*
Captain Erin M. Kauffman — Corps Officer – COLORADO SPRINGS, CO and Associate County Coordinator – El Paso County*
Captains Caleb Fankauser & Christin Howard-Fankhauser — Corps Officers – FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CO
Lieutenant Michael Garlough — Chaplain – Crossroads Center
Lieutenants Jennifer & Richard Larson — Assistant Corps Officers – COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
Lieutenants Crystal & Saul Smoak — Assistant Corps Officers – SALT LAKE CITY, UT

Northwest Division

Captain Nigel J. Cross — General Secretary
Captain Stacy T. Cross — Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary
Captain Kari S. Rudd — Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Captain Eric M. Rudd — Divisional Youth Secretary
Majors Betsy & Gary Kyle — Divisional Pastoral Officers – Pro-Tem
Majors Joy & William Lum — Corps Officers – KALISPELL, MT
Major Linda E. Manhardt — Corps Program Coordinator – BELLINGHAM, WA
Majors Dianne & Ralph Jiminez — Corps Officers – WENATCHEE, WA
Majors Jennifer & Kenneth Perine — Corps Officers – SPOKANE CITADEL, WA
Major Jonathan D. Apuan — Officer – Seattle William Booth Center and Men’s Pastoral Care and Harvest Initiative Coordinator*
Lieutenant Dawn M. Apuan — Seattle Social Services Officer and Women’s Pastoral Care Coordinator*
Captain Erica Yang — Associate Corps Officer – SEATTLE WHITE CENTER, WA and Older Adult Ministries Officer*
Captains Josh & Ryan Boyd — Corps Officers – MISSOULA, MT
Lieutenants Michael & Stephanie Galindo — Ministry Leaders – Marysville Outpost,WA
Lieutenant Brenda E. Orr — Associate Corps Officer – LONGVIEW TEMPLE, WA & Transitional Housing Coordinator*
Lieutenants Ginifer & Steven Pack — Assistant Corps Officers – TACOMA, WA and Corps Programming Officers*
Lieutenants Andrea & Jeremy Reedy — Corps Officers – EVERETT, WA
Lieutenant Robbin L. Swales — Associate Corps Officer – OLYMPIA, WA and Veterans Ministry Coordinator*
Lieutenant Ruairi P. Ward — Associate Corps Officer – SEATTLE TEMPLE, WA and Social Services Ministries Officer*
Lieutenant Sarah V. Ward — Associate Corps Officer – SEATTLE TEMPLE, WA and Children’s Ministries Officer*
Envoys Phyllis & Richard Pease — In-Charge – Olympia, WA

Sierra Del Mar Division

Captain Timothy J. Carr — Divisional Secretary for Program
Captain Jay R. Koebel — Divisional Secretary for Business
Captain Ashley M. Koebel — Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Lieutenant Elizabeth K. Gross — Assistant Divisional Youth Secretary
Captains Adrian & Vivianna Viquez — Pro-Tem – DHQ
Majors Edward & Pamela Markham — Corps Officers – REDLANDS, CA
Auxiliary Captain Diana Gomes — Chaplain – Door of Hope and Harvest Initiative Coordinator*
Captains Randall Skelton & Sheryl Day-Skelton — Corps Officers – OCEANSIDE, CA
Captain Emily & Lieutenant Ben Jones — Assistant Corps Officers – SAN DIEGO CITADEL, CA
Captain Alexander Williams & Lieutenant Anna Phrasavath-Williams — Associate Corps Officers – RIVERSIDE, CA and College Outreach Coordinators*
Lieutenants John & Mysti Birks — Corps Officers – MURRIETA, CA
Lieutenant Cathie McCulley — Associate Corps Officer – MURRIETA, CA and Integrated Mission Coordinator*
Lieutenant Janet M. Studdard — Assistant Corps Officer – EL CAJON, CA and Chaplain – Senior Nutrition Program*
Envoys Debra & Mark Dowding — Program Assistants – CENTRE CITY, CA

Southern California Division

Majors Robert & Stacy Birks — Mission Development Officers – DHQ
Captains Cheryl & Nesan Kistan — Corps Officers – TUSTIN RANCH, CA and County Coordinators – Orange County*
Majors John & Ruth Lee — Associate Corps Officers for Korean Ministry – TUSTIN RANCH, CA
Lieutenants Daisy & Manuel Gaytan — Corps Officers – POMONA, CA
Lieutenant Juan D. Oregel — Assistant Corps Officer – HOLLYWOOD TEMPLE, CA and Homeless Ministry Coordinator*
Lieutenants Joanna & Richard Wang — Corps Officers – SAN GABRIEL, CA
Lieutenants Rafael & Thais Viana — Corps Officers – REDONDO BEACH, CA

Southwest Division

Major Candice L. Frizzell — Assistant to the Divisional Commander
Major David R. Yardley — Divisional Secretary for Business
Major Gaylene Yardley — Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary and Fellowship of the Silver Star Secretary*
Major Mark A. Davey — Valley of the Sun Chaplain
Majors Clem & Evangeline Leslie — Corps Officers – GLENDALE, AZ
Major Thomas W. Ford — Corps Officer – MESA, AZ
Majors James & Rachel Gallop — Corps Officers – FARMINGTON, NM
Majors Darlan & Elicio Marquez — Associate Corps Officers – Pro-Tem – TUCSON SOUTH, AZ
Majors Beth & Michael Paugh — Corps Officers – NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV
Captains Joel & Kimberly Boyd — Associate Corps Officers – RAY & JOAN KROC CORPS COMMUNITY CENTER – PHOENIX SOUTH MOUNTAIN, AZ
Captain Sheri & Lieutenant Edward Ferguson — Corps Officers – FLAGSTAFF, AZ
Captains Mary & Ned Ortiz — Corps Officers – SANTA FE, NM
Captains Carlos & Gildete Souza — Corps Officers – SIERRA VISTA, AZ
Lieutenants Holly & Immanuel Beeson — Assistant Corps Officers – MESA, AZ
Lieutenant Darla J. Malone — Associate Corps Officer – GLENDALE, AZ
Lieutenants Jeffery & Regeina Williams — Corps Officers – CHANDLER, AZ


Majors Angela & Derek Strickland — International Headquarters
Major Adam & Captain Christine Morales — United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland
Majors Karen & Robert Schmig — Eastern Territory
Majors Jessica & Saul Doria — Canada and Bermuda Territory


Captains Cheryl & Nesan Kistan — Corps Officers – TUSTIN RANCH, CA and County Coordinators – Orange County*
Lieutenants Rafael & Thais Viana — Corps Officers – REDONDO BEACH, CA
* additional responsibilities
** post-retirement service

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