New chapters of the young pros auxiliary emerge across the country to bolster the mission of The Salvation Army. By Jared McKiernan - It’s halftime of the NFL’s nationally televised Thanksgiving Day matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers at AT&T Stadium,

Programs promote academic, artistic and spiritual growth. [gss gallery ids="19854,19855,19856,19857,19858,19859,19860,19861,19862"] In June, the El Cajon, Calif., corps held Youth Sunday, commemorating a year of successful youth ministry and demonstrating accomplishments in music, art and troop programs. During the service, the congregation honored

Historic disaster comes in a year already marked by an abnormally high number of incidents. By Charles Nutt - As heavy rains are expected to return to flood ravaged West Virginia, The Salvation Army is significantly stepping up its relief response across the

Le Corbusier’s Paris project restored to many original features [gss gallery ids="19841,19839,19840,19838,19837,19836,19842"] French President François Hollande—accompanied by three ministers and two secretaries of state—officially reopened the refurbished La Cité de Refuge (City of Refuge) center in Paris.   Initially inaugurated in 1933,