Territorial Arts Ensemble formed

Antwon Mason

New group will develop the arts ministry throughout the territory.


The newly formed Western Territorial Arts Ensemble has announced new members—selected by audition: Antwon Mason, Stockton (Calif.) Corps; Jessica Stennett, Tucson (Ariz.) Amphi Corps; and Alexandra Van Cleef, San Diego Kroc Center.

Jessica Stennett

The Ensemble will meet to develop the arts ministry to perform and eventually train local artists at various venues. Led by Creative Arts Director Joy Lee, this group will explore the arts ministry and its capacity to promote creative storytelling, engaging worship, culture-making and critical thinking. The arts are a powerful medium for communicating the gospel and nurturing disciples. The vision of this group parallels the vision of the Creative Arts Ministry:

Creative Arts is an integral part of the faith community as it aids in worship, discipleship, fellowship and evangelism. We seek to encourage, inspire and resource the Creative Arts Ministry of The Salvation Army Western Territory in order to reflect the image of God by exercising our creative potential; and to carry out the mission of God by communicating the gospel, engaging in culture and re-capturing God’s goodness, truth and beauty.

Alexandra Van Cleef

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