Tegner honored at CFOT ‘Radio Show’ dinner theater

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DR. OLAF TEGNER addresses the audience after receiving the “Others” award. Looking on are Lt. Colonel Doug O’Brien and Commissioner David Edwards.

Almost $28,000 of Crestmont College’s $100,000 goal for World Services was raised recently at a gala community benefit and rousing “Radio Show” theater production hosted by the college.

Written and produced by cadets from the School for Officer Training at Crestmont, the show attracted approximately 800 guests from local communities, providing a 1936 glimpse of backstage radio’s wisecracking writers, fast-paced banter, crises and excitement.

Lt. Colonel Doug O’Brien, Crestmont’s President/Principal welcomed guests at a special “Commissioner’s Reception” and silent auction, and later at a formal dinner, musical theater and the presentation of Crestmont’s Others Award.

“Many friends like you have supported us over the years, enjoying good food and wholesome entertainment while making a significant contribution to the work of The Salvation Army around the world,” O’Brien said.

The Army’s prestigious “Others Award,” recently presented by National Commander Commissioner John Busby to New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, was awarded by the college to South Bay resident Dr. Olaf Tegner, a 15-year member of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Advisory Board and an active community citizen.

Dr. Tegner, born to Salvation Army officer parents, is Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School of Education at Pepperdine University, and was dubbed by the college’s former president “the epitome of a great servant educator.”

The award, presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated dedication to serving the community for the sake of others, was personally awarded to Dr. Tegner by Western Territorial Commissioner David Edwards.

Crestmont Board of Advisors Chair Dr. James Hartman, master of ceremonies for the event, expressed thanks on behalf of the college to the Commissioner and members of the THQ cabinet for their support. He also honored Crestmont’s board members and all those present who support the Army through dedicated service on other advisory boards.

Divisional music directors convene

Divisional music directors convene

BY RICHARD BOSANKO –  The music directors/coordinators from the divisions



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