September 2016

Person sitting on bench with head down

Recognizing trauma

According to the American Psychological Association, the following are common symptoms of trauma: Feelings become intense and sometimes are unpredictable. ... Read More
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What is good?

He has shown you, O man, what is good… (Micah 6:8a). Mankind pursues “the good life,” always trying to figure out, what it’s all about: how to recognize its pr... Read More
Person standing on rocks

Stay hungry

I was reading a book this weekend that peers into the inner-life (or obvious lack of it in today's world) of Christian leaders. I’ve been reflecting on my own p... Read More

Responding to racism

Islamophobia is on the rise, with media attention specifically highlighting the situation in European countries such as Britain and France, where the recent ban... Read More
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The Salvation Army is there

We practice for it in school. We debate the safety of seeking shelter in the doorway (not recommended). We prepare readiness boxes with food and water. Yet, whe... Read More