first person

Woman smiling with jean jacket and glasses


A community embraces a reluctant champion.   Sara at Whisk, a local bakery in Benton Park. Sara practices a local first approach, and has become good friend... Read More
John Potter smiling

Never beyond grace

John Potter once rode with a biker gang, but now serves the community breakfast.   “My story starts with a gallon of milk.” It might sound dramatic, but ... Read More
Ian Butler

Fighting for success

“I died and came back—overdosed actually,” Ian Butler said. “My vision was getting blurry and I was getting ready to go, getting ready to die so I said my last ... Read More
Sean Poole loads fliers, about LRA combatants who had successfully returned home, into a plane to drop over Uganda.

Coming home

Harnessing a simple feeling to weaken fighters in the Lord’s Resistance Army Coming home is a powerful feeling. As someone who enjoys the comforts and ease ... Read More

A vision to love

By Angel -  I have experienced abuse. One time, when I lived with a lady with a gambling addiction, I was locked in a basement, unallowed to use the bathr... Read More
Bowl of candy

Healthy choices

Transformed life Every day I look into the eyes of men and women who are struggling to overcome addictions. As an officer in The Salvation Army, I have the r... Read More
The Dodders speaking and waving

Beyond the familiar

Moving past culture shock in ministering overseas After more than three years in Kenya, I was convinced that our new appointment in London would be a pie... Read More