fall 2013

oil painting of woman's face

Trafficked in America

“When I tried to get my things, I was stabbed almost to death,” Isabel said. “I was in the hospital for two months and I couldn’t walk for a year and half. Th... Read More
The Dodders speaking and waving

Beyond the familiar

Moving past culture shock in ministering overseas After more than three years in Kenya, I was convinced that our new appointment in London would be a pie... Read More
Officer with woman on street

Image to awareness

Costa Rica social media campaign highlights ‘the forgotten.’   Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Spe... Read More
People painting on lawn

Studio on the Street

One fateful morning, a woman from a comfortable financial background entered the The Salvation Army Life Centre in Darwin, Australia, full of curiosity and in... Read More
Man with baby sleeping on chest

Compassionate empathy

Except I am moved with compassion, How dwellest thy Spirit in me? Albert Orsborn asked that question for Salvationists a few decades ago, and it’s one we ne... Read More