Steps to becoming a commissioned officer in The Salvation Army

What does it take to become a Salvation Army officer?

Below are the typical steps to becoming a commissioned officer.

  1. Called by God to full-time ministry, specifically officership
  2. Active soldier in a local corps
  3. Attend Future Officers Fellowship Retreat
  4. Recommended by Corps Officer
  5. Preliminary application endorsed by Divisional and Territorial Candidates Councils  
  6. Online application completed, appraisals and references gathered
  7. Psychological testing and pre-training “Salvationism 101” initiated
  8. Reviewed and accepted by Territorial Candidates Council
  9. Receive the rank of Cadet
  10. Complete 22 months of officer training
  11. Graduate officer training with AA degree
  12. Ordained as a minister of the Gospel and commissioned as an officer
  13. Bestowed rank of Lieutenant
  14. Receive first appointment
  15. Enter active ministry as an officer of The Salvation Army


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