SF Lighthouse salutes African American soldiers

MAJOR VICKIE Shiroma leads the Serenity Choir during a recent meeting recognizing Salvationists and soldiers of African descent at the Lighthouse Corps in San Francisco, Calif.


In response to the Western Territory’s visioning process, the San Francisco Lighthouse Corps has embarked upon a continuing quest. This quest is to reach out to people of all colors and bring them into the Kingdom of God, one at a time.

The recent fundraiser dinner highlighted the work of “The African American Salvationist and Soldiers of African Descent in The Salvation Army.” Geir Engøy, territorial Cross Cultural Ministries secretary, sent a letter congratulating the corps on sponsoring “…this excellent initiative to recognize Black Salvationism.”


We will at all times seek to be knowledgeable of, sensitive to, and discerning of the differences in the cultures… we serve.

Among those sharing in the meeting were Lighthouse Corps soldiers Willie Hall, Tamesha Sweet, George Bishop and Mary Saunders. In addition, Mavis Bishop from Jamaica and Victoria Offong from Nigeria related their experiences growing up in another country. Many of the soldiers wore colorful garb signifying cultural ties to their homeland.

The Lighthouse Serenity Choir brought a rousing number, followed by Corps Sergeant Major Ernie Henderson, who gave a inspiring message on “How to Reach Out to African Americans in 2000.”

Recruiting Sergeant Celeste Johnson was recognized for faithful service. More than $3,000 was raised at the event, which drew a crowd of 145. Each corps member sold at least 10 tickets and helped prepare and serve the meals.

Territorial Commander Commissioner David Edwards sent a personal check in support of the fund raiser and wrote, “I am pleased first of all that your corps is putting (the event) on and that the focus is on Salvationists of African descent.”


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