Members of Revolution Hawaii at the top of Oahu’s Diamond Head.

RevHi enters 10th year

To date, 121 young adults have completed the program.

“A year to change a lifetime.”

It’s a clever, catchy slogan, but what does it mean? As RevHi enters its 10th year with 18 new recruits ages 18-30—the largest year-long team, plus a waiting list—its message begins to deepen and expand.

With 121 young adults having experienced one of its three tracks over those 10 years, this now equates to 121 years impacting 121 lifetimes. Consider the accumulating impact culturally, socially and spiritually.

Teghan Braun wasn’t a Christian upon entry into RevHi, not yet ready to commit his life fully to Christ. Several weeks into the program year, Joe Speigle, an alumnus and now staff member, led him to Christ. Teghan was recently enrolled as a senior soldier at “The Rock” Waianae Corps.

Javon Randolph had no involvement with The Salvation Army prior to attending RevHi. He was recently enrolled as a senior soldier at “The Rock” Waianae Corps. Having felt the call to officership during his Christmas assignment in Honokaa, he is presently preparing to enter the College for Officer Training (CFOT) at Crestmont.

Georgia Bellve from Wellington, New Zealand, served on the inaugural three-month, spring essentials team. After completing soldiership classes, she too was enrolled as a soldier at the “The Rock” Waianae Corps.

Belle Bottjen from Fairbanks, Alaska, filed her paperwork for officership while attending RevHi, was accepted and is now attending the CFOT—the fourth RevHi alumni to enter training.

 “Since Revolution Hawaii, I have a stronger desire to be with the homeless, addicts, prostitutes, criminals and to love the outcasts,” said Eliana Satterlee, a RevHi alumna from New Haven, Conn. “Why? Because I don’t deserve Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his unconditional love toward me. I’ve come to realize and have accepted the fact that following Jesus is hard and will cost me everything.

“Jesus once said to the crowds and his disciples that whoever wants to be his disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross daily and follow him (Luke 9:23), which is exactly what Revolution Hawaii is all about.”

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