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Majors Douglas and Leslie Peacock

Majors Douglas and Leslie Peacock recently entered honored retirement, each with over 42 years of service as a Salvation Army officer. Commissioner James Knaggs conducted their retirement at a territorial headquarters chapel service on Nov. 4. On Nov. 6, the Torrance Corps, where they have been faithful soldiers for over 18 years, held a reception for them.

Douglas Peacock graduated from 29 Palms High School and earned a B.A. in music from Azusa Pacific University before entering The Salvation Army training school. Leslie Peacock grew up in Denver, Colo., and graduated from West Denver High School. The two met at training school in San Francisco and were commissioned in 1970 as part of the Undaunted Session. They wed in 1971.

The Peacocks held various appointments throughout the West and in the Central Territory. They served as corps officers in Clovis, N.M.; Baker, Klamath Falls and Salem, Ore.; at adult rehabilitation centers in Seattle, Wash., Tucson, Ariz., San Francisco, Denver, Colo., Kansas City, Miss., and Fort Wayne, Ind. They also served in adult rehabilitation programs in Boise, Idaho, and Anchorage, Alaska, and as social service coordinators in Spokane, Wash.

For the past 18 years they served at territorial headquarters in various appointments. Their last assignments were as Missing Persons director and Retired Officers Services director, respectively. Douglas Peacock was also transportation officer, and logistics officer for the Western Territorial Band.

The Peacocks have three children—Lori (Rob) Ottaviano, Shari (Fred) Khudanyan, and Kevin. They have four grandchildren: Fred, Nikolai and Natalie Khudanyan and Trevin Peacock.

They will make their retirement home in Southern California.

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  1. Hello you two! I just wanted to say I hope you are enjoying a much deserved retirement. I also hope you are not too bored! 🙂

    Thank you both very much for a very memorable part of my childhood.

    Be well,

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