Rader Calls For Prayer


International Day of Prayer Sunday, May 23

To praying Salvationists everywhere:

How encouraged we have been to meet Salvationists around the world who have responded to the invitation of the Spirit to enter into the royal ministry of intercession. There is a growing sense among us of both privilege and urgency in availing ourselves of the powerful resource granted us, individually, and as a global movement, through prayer. The requests we are sharing with you for special emphasis on the International Day of Prayer will provide a specific faith focus for concerted prayer The results are impossible to predict but marvelous to contemplate.

The prayer issues raised give intercessors a feel for the incredible range of Army ministries and the diversity of circumstances in which the Army is pressing forward in mission. All advances into the strongholds of evil and godlessness can expect to be opposed. Just living “God in Christ Jesus” evokes Satanic opposition [2 Timothy 3:12-13]. And the pressure of persecution experienced by your Salvationist comrades in many parts of the world is more intense than ever. This is war! But we have mighty weapons at our disposal, if we will use them. And none more powerful than prayer. Prayer is the “air war.” Victory must be claimed there first, before we can expect to triumph on the ground as we encounter the enemies of truth, justice, and reconciliation.

Prayer can be a risky business. It is not to be treated lightly. In fact it can unleash powerful forces and make drastic claims upon those who pray. To pray is to enter into partnership with God in fulfillment of his mission of human redemption. The center and sign of that mission has always been the Cross. We need–and God wants–cross-bearing, bold, passionate and persistent intercessors who will take hold of heaven by faith on behalf of our tortured and torn world. God bless you as you rise to this challenge.


Paul A. Rader

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