Promoted to Glory

Brigadier Martha Pauline Hansen

Brigadier Martha Pauline Hansen was promoted to Glory

on March 3.

Hansen was born Jan. 9, 1916, in Spokane, Wash. She had a twin sister, Lena. The family attended the Ballard Corps in northwest Seattle.

Hansen graduated from high school in 1934. She and her sister attended the School for Officer Training and were commissioned in 1938 with the Enthusiasts Session. She spent 44 years serving as a Salvation Army officer, including six years as a missionary in India.

Hansen’s first appointment was at the Oakland (Calif.) Scandinavian Corps followed by appointments in Seattle and Bellingham, Wash.; the San Francisco Waterfront; Scandinavian Divisional Headquarters; the Everett (Wash.) Scandinavian Corps; Denver, Colo.; Kingsburg, Calif., and Spokane (Wash.) Temple.

After Spokane, Hansen served as a missionary in India with responsibilities including assisting at the girl’s boarding school in Anand, assistant provincial officer in Maharashtra and secretary to the chief secretary in Bombay.

Returning to the Western Territory in 1956, she served at Western Territorial Headquarters (THQ) and Intermountain Divisional Headquarters (DHQ). In 1958 she accepted an appointment at Southern California DHQ, followed by two appointments at THQ.

In 1969 she relocated to Northwest DHQ to accept two positions, then served at Del Oro DHQ before returning to THQ in 1980. She retired in 1981.

Rather than quit working, Hansen worked in the Men’s Social Service Department at THQ and later moved to Seattle to be near family and to work in Northwest Division’s Missing Persons Department.

Hansen enjoyed music; she played the guitar, mandolin, accordion, trumpet, alto horn and ukulele.


Commissioner Marjorie Marshall

Commissioner Marjorie Marshall was promoted to

Glory Feb. 5 from Skokie, Ill.

Marjorie Kimball was born to officer parents Sept. 12, 1920, in Kalamazoo, Mich. She was a third generation Salvationist.

She studied music and piano at the Chicago Music College and received business training at Bryant-Stratton Business College. She worked for NBC Broadcasting Center in New York City before becoming a Salvation Army officer.

Marshall entered the School for Officer Training (SFOT) in New York from the New York Temple Corps as a member of the Liberty Session. After being commissioned in 1944, she took her first appointment in Cambridge, Mass.

Marshall married Captain Norman Marshall in September 1944. They served in Plymouth and Malden, Mass.; Pawtucket, RI: Bridgeport and Manchester, Conn.; Portland, Maine; and Pittsburgh, Pa.

They were transferred to the International College for Officers, London, then returned to the SFOT in New York. Future appointments included Cincinnati Divisional Headquarters; Metro New York Division; SFOT and Territorial Headquarters, Chicago, Ill.; and Territorial Headquarters, N.Y.

In 1983, the Marshalls’ last appointment before retirement in 1986 was as national leaders; he was the U.S. National Commander and she was the National President for Women’s Organizations.

Commissioner Norman Marshall was promoted to Glory in 1995.

Marjorie Marshall raised four children. Recognized for her vocal and piano abilities, she was known for writing her session song.

The Norridge Citadel Corps (Ill.) hosted a memorial service on Feb. 8. Lt. Colonel Norman Marshal III officiated.

Surviving Marshall are her sons, Lt. Colonel Norman Marshall III and John; daughters, Tanne Santa Maria and Anne Schwartz; 12 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.


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