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An Army on the Move Again!

Lt. Colonels Harold and Joann Brodin

Lt. Colonel Harold F. Brodin is appointed as Divisional Commander, Intermountain Division, and Lt. Colonel Joann Brodin is appointed as Divisional Director of Women’s Organizations, Intermountain Division. They will succeed Colonels Bruce and Dorothy Harvey, who will enter honored retirement as of 30 June 1998. The Brodins currently serve as Alaska divisional leaders.

Major Terry and Linda Griffin
Major Terry W. Griffin
is appointed as Divisional Commander, Alaska Division. Major Linda L. Griffin is appointed as Divisional Director of Women’s Organizations. Griffin currently serves as C.F.O.T. Training Principal and Major Linda Griffin serves as Director of Special Services.

Major Sharon Robertson
Major Sharon Robertson
is appointed as Assistant Chief Secretary, Western Territory, with the rank of Lt. Colonel. Her current appointment is as Assistant Secretary for Personnel.

Major Linda Markiewicz
Major Linda Markiewicz,
currently serving as the Under Secretary for the Americas and Caribbean, IHQ, is appointed as the Assistant Secretary for Personnel, Western Territory.

Majors Douglas and Diane O'Brien
Major Douglas G. O’Brien
is appointed as Training Principal, C.F.O.T. Major Diane O’Brien is appointed as Director of Special Services, C.F. O.T. The O’Briens currently serve in the Sierra Del Mar Division, where he is Divisional Secretary and she is Women’s Ministries Secretary.



With the approval of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner David Edwards, the
following changes of appointment and “Farewell Orders” are announced,
effective July 1, 1998, unless otherwise indicated:


Lt. Colonel Sharon Robertson
Assistant Chief Secretary

Major Linda Markiewicz
Assistant Secretary for Personnel

Major Beth Saunders
Assistant Territorial League of Mercy Secretary &
VAVS Coord.

Majors Gordon & Peggy Helms
Pastoral Care Officers, Personnel Services

Captain Terry Camsey
Vision & Corps Growth and Men’s Program Secretary

Captain Beryl Camsey
Director of Volunteers

Captain Glenda Berko
Christian Education Director

Major Anne Pickup
Evangelism and Adult Program Secretary

Lieutenant Dianne Doom
Territorial Guard & Sunbeam Director


Major Donna Jackson
Personnel/Property Secretary – ARCC

Major Glen Doss
Administrator – Anaheim

Major Mary Doss
Director of Special Services – Anaheim

Major Joe Chavez
Administrator – Denver

Major Evelyn Chavez
Director of Special Services – Denver

Majors Stephan & Jeanine Hartt
Corps Officers – Denver ARC

Major David Patrick
Administrator – Bakersfield

Major Effie Patrick
Director of Special Services – Bakersfield

Major Doug Williams
Administrator – San Diego

Major Janice Williams
Director of Special Services – San Diego

Major Neil Saunders
General Secretary – ARCC

Major James Rodal
Associate Administrator – Phoenix

Major Mary Rodal
Assoc. Dir. of Special Services – Phoenix

Major Robert Gregory
Administrator – San Francisco

Major Marilyn Gregory
Director of Special Services – San Francisco

Major Moses Reyes
Chaplain – San Francisco ARC

Captain Michael Roland
Administrator – Carpinteria

Captain Lisa Roland
Director of Special Services – Carpinteria

Captain Art Storey
Administrator – Santa Monica

Captain Carolyn Storey
Director of Special Services –
Santa Monica

Captain Loyd Roberts
Administrator – Honolulu

Captain Vicki Roberts
Director of Special Services – Honolulu

Captain Barry Lucas
Administrator – Phoenix

Captain Eunice Lucas
Director of Special Services – Phoenix

Captain Stephen Walcott
Administrator – Portland

Captain Myrtle Walcott
Director of Special Services – Portland

Captain Samuel Southard
Administrator – Seattle

Captain Carol Southard
Director of Special Services – Seattle

Lieutenant Grady Brown
Administrator – Perris

Lieutenant Julie Brown
Director of Special Services – Perris

Lieutenants Gerald & Peggy Gattis
Trainees – ARCC

Lieutenant Dennis Earnhart
Administrator – Stockton

Lieutenant Man-Hee Chang
Administrator – Fresno

Lieutenant Stephanie Chang
Director of Special Services – Fresno

Mr. Jack Smith
Assoc. Administrator – San Bernardino


Major Doug O’Brien
Training Principal

Major Diane O’Brien
Director of Special Services

Major Edward Lowcock
Director of Personnel

Captain Clem Leslie
Director of Business

Captain Evangeline Leslie
Education Officer

Captain Karen Vasquez
Personnel Officer

Captain Julio Vasquez
Finance Officer

Captain David Pierce
Assistant Field Training Officer

Captain Thomas Mui
Added Responsibility: Transportation Officer

Lieutenant Edward Hill
Field Training Officer
(effective 9/01/98)

Lieutenant Shelley Hill
Personnel Officer
(effective 9/01/98)


Major Terry Griffin
Divisional Commander

Major Linda Griffin
Div. Director of Women’s Organizations

Major C. Joe Murray
Divisional Secretary

Major Florence Murray
Div. Women’s Ministries Secretary

Majors Clinton & Georgia Steele
Corps Officers – Gateway

Captains Brian and Millie Bearchell
Corps Officers – South Anchorage

Lieutenant Donna Hofmeister
Assistant Officer – Juneau

Envoys Craig & Jean Fanning
In-Charge – Juneau


Major Ray Gilman
Divisional Secretary

Major Virginia Gilman
Div. Women’s Ministries Secretary

Captain Troy Trimmer
Div. Youth & Candidates’ Secretary

Captain Analene Trimmer
Div. Guard & Sunbeam Director & Corps Cadet Counselor

Captains Jeff & Eloisa Martin
Corps Officers – Portland Tabernacle

Captains Michael & Barbara Eyres
Corps Officers – Hillsboro, OR

Captains Eddie & Ann Patterson
Corps Officers – Twin Falls, ID

Captains Greg & Orpha Moody
Corps Officers – LaGrande, OR

Captain Ed Markham
Assistant – Portland Moore Street, OR

Lieutenants Dana & Kathleen Johnson
Corps Officers – Idaho Falls. ID

Envoy Claire Little
Chaplain – ARP – Boise, ID


Major David Drake
Corps Officer & Sacramento City Coordinator (effective 7/27/98)

Major Olive Drake
Corps Officer – Sacramento Citadel (effective 7/27/98)

Major Al Summerfield
Corps Officer & Oakland City Coordinator

Major Janet Summerfield
Corps Officer – Oakland Clay Street

Majors Ed & Dorothy Covert
Corps Officers – Hayward

Captain Jack Allemang
Divisional Finance Officer

Captain Ann Allemang
Div. League of Mercy Secretary

Captain Judy Smith
Evangelism & Adult Svcs Secty – DHQ

Captain Nancy Helms
Divisional Statistician – DHQ

A/Captains Joe & Catherine Whipple
Corps Officers – San Rafael

A/Captains Jerry & Anita Pigeon
Corps Officers – Lodi

A/Captains Dyrk & Laurel Posey
Corps Officers – Paradise

Envoys Robert & Nancy Rupert
Assistant Officers – Reno


Majors Neil & Kathie Timpson
Corps Officers – San Francisco Turk Street

Captain Shirley Breukelman
Chaplain – Santa Cruz Sr.
Citizen’s Residence

Captains Kenneth & Deborah Hood
Associate Officers – Monterey

Captain Richard Reuer
Chaplain – San Francisco Turk Street

Captain William Lum
Change of Designation: Divisional Financial Secretary


Majors Warren & Dixie Dabis
Corps Officers – Kauluwela

Captain John Chamness
Divisional Youth Secretary Designate

Captain Martie Chamness
Div. Guard & Sunbeam Dir. & Corps Cadet
Counselor Designate

Captain Clarence Orion
Special Assignment – DHQ

Captain Larry Feist
Corps Officer – South Maui

Lieutenant Ella Lani
Assistant Officer – Kauluwela Mission


Lt. Colonel Harold Brodin
Divisional Commander

Lt. Colonel Joann Brodin
Div. Director of Women’s Organizations

Major Wayne Froderberg
Corps Officer & Salt Lake Basin Coordinator

Major Patricia Froderberg
Corps Officer – Salt Lake City

Captain Doug Tollerud
Divisional Secretary

Captain Sherryl Tollerud
Div. Women’s Ministries Secretary

Captains Gene & Irene Ragan
Corps Officers – Denver Lakewood

Captains Robert & Marjorie Hall
Corps Officers – Denver West Adams

Captains Daniel & Carole Abella
Corps Officers – Denver Red Shield

Captains Chris & Stella Parker
Corps Officers – Denver New Hope
Family Center Corps & Lambuth Center

Captains Fred & Sherryle Morasky
Corps Officers – Ogden, UT

A/Capts . Kenny & Ramona Beauchene
Corps Officers – Laramie, WY

Lieutenants DeWayne & Toni Halstad
Corps Officers – Butte, MT

Lieutenants Dan & Kimberly Williams
Corps Officers – Grand Junction, CO


Major Ben Markham
Corps Officer & City Coordinator – Spokane

Major JoAnn Markham
Corps Officer – Spokane

Majors Charles & Linda Gillies
Corps Officers – Olympia

Captain Linda Goode
Corps Officer – Walla Walla

Captain Suzanne Gallaty
Special Assignment – DHQ

A/Captains Alan & Donna Hooft
Associate Corps Officers – Spokane

A/Captains Howard & Judy Tanovan
DHQ – To Open New Laotian Corps

Lieutenants Don & Emily Miller
Corps Officers – Kalispell, MT

Lieutenant Monte Jones
Associate Corps Officer – Kalispell

Lieutenant Sherri Henthorn
Assistant Officer – Olympia

Lieutenant Carla Brandt
Associate Officer – Walla Walla


Major David Hudson
Divisional Secretary

Major Sharron Hudson
Div. Women’s Ministries Secretary

Majors Brengle & Georgia Navarro
Corps Officers – Centre City

Lieutenants Stephen & Nancy Ball
Corps Officers – Escondido


Captain George Baker
Divisional Youth Secretary

Captain Jeanne Baker
Christian Education & Guard and Sunbeam Director

Captain Donna Ames
Director Education & Training
& Current Issues Secretary

Captain Mario Reyes
Divisional Hispanic Coordinator – DHQ

Captains Donald & Rhonda Gilger
Corps Officers – Torrance

Captains John & Gloria Tolar
Corps Officers – Pomona

Captains Luis & Abigail Diaz
Corps Officers San Fernando Valley

A/Captains Daniel & Judy Luschenat
Corps Officers – Lancaster

Lieutenant Bob Louangamath
Assistant, Laotian Ministries – Whittier

Lieutenant Cassandra Adams
Assistant Officer – Glendale


Major Luis Martinez
Divisional Secretary for Hispanic Ministries – DHQ

Major Maria Martinez
Div. League of Mercy Secretary

Majors Harry & Marina Lacey
Corps Officers – Phoenix Citadel

Majors David & Jean Bowler
Corps Officers – Mesa, AZ

Captain Ivan Wild
Divisional Youth Secretary

Captain Jennifer Wild
Div. Guard & Sunbeam Director

Captains Eric & Cheryl Lo
Corps Officers – Yuma, AZ

Captains Clefton & Anna Irby
Corps Officers – Phoenix South Mountain

Captains Lewis & Norma Jackson
Corps Officers – North Phoenix

Captains William & Beverly Cobb
Change of Designation: Area Coordinators
– Kingman/Bullhead City, AZ

Captains Brian & Cindy Anderson
Corps Officers –
Phoenix Herberger Center

Captain Fred Preston
Associate Officer – Mesa, AZ

Lieutenants William & Lisa Dickinson
Corps Officers – Prescott, AZ

Lieutenants Paul & Rachel Chouinard
Change of Designation: Corps Officers – Bullhead City, AZ

Lieutentant Jessica Elgart
Assistant Corps Officer – Tempe, AZ


Captains Brian & Leticia Saunders
United Kingdom Territory

Captains Roger & Marilyn Davis
United Kingdom Territory

Captains Victor & Rose-Marie Leslie
Caribbean Territory

A/Captains Patrick & Kitty Granat
Germany Territory


Major Linda Markiewicz
International Headquarters

Majors David & Olive Drake
United Kingdom Territory

Majors Neil & Beth Saunders
Caribbean Territory

Captain Judy Smith
International Headquarters

Kenny & Ramona Beauchene
Republic of Georgia

We pray God’s blessing upon these officers and
their families as they take up their new responsibilities.

Donald G. Sather

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