‘Love is Kind’ project raises $4,000 for Salvation Army World Services

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Cameron Helms shares a biblical truth with his World Services fundraiser.

By Karen Gleason – 

“Love is kind.” That’s the simple, but powerful, message on the “Camegram,” a recent fundraiser for The Salvation Army’s World Services executed by Cameron Helms, 27, who attends the Torrance (California) Corps. 

The Camegram has a wooden base with a plexiglass insert upon which Helms inscribed—on each one—that important, biblical truth. For about a month this winter, supporters could purchase one for a $20 or more donation to World Services.

As an individual with special needs, Helms looks for ways to be included and to make a positive difference in the world, according to his mother, Major Nancy Helms, Director of Field Training at the College for Officer Training at Crestmont. She helped him develop the fundraising project, which he embraced wholeheartedly. 

Nancy Helms promoted the project on Facebook, and it took off—orders for Camegrams exceeded expectations. As the project came to an end, the total amount received for World Services was just over $4,000, and Facebook users continue to post photos of their Camegrams with the hashtag, #loveiskind. 

Nancy Helms said the project was “lots of work,” but definitely worth it. 

“People value Cameron and want him to have a voice,” she said. 

Even the local post office got on board. When Cameron and his mom came in to mail the Camegrams, the employees wanted updates on how many had been sold—his enthusiasm was contagious.

Many people responded with gratitude via Facebook.

“What a powerful ministry Cam has,” said Major Ronalee Fenrich. “God is using him in a precious way, to spread a beautiful and clear message about what it means to live for Jesus. I am so honored to have my own Camegram!”

Cameron Helms was born with multiple special needs; an illness caused deafness, as well as cognitive delays and cerebral palsy due to brain damage. He communicates with American Sign Language. His project will provide funding for Salvation Army projects dedicated to improving the health, educational, social, mental and spiritual conditions of people living in the world’s underdeveloped nations, where $4,000 can go a long way toward implementing positive change. 

“It’s meant a great deal to Cam to be included in the Church and have a voice,” Nancy Helms said. “[The project] will help touch so many lives around the world.”

She summed up the impact: the Camegram encourages those who purchased one and others who will see it; it empowers people; it helps World Services; it’s given Cameron a place and a voice. The two are already thinking about what Cameron can do for next year’s World Services campaign.

“Though the project has come to an end, the love and kindness that have been given through each donation will continue on and reach far beyond our little corner of the world,” Helms said.

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  1. I was a friend of his dad Drew and worked along side of him with the Breakfast club!l also was with him when he left this world. I am so very proud of his son!!!

  2. I was a friend of his dad Drew and worked along side of him with the Breakfast club!l also was with him when he left this world. I am so very proud of his son!!!

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