Letters to the Editor

(Ed. Note: The following letter was written in response to Lt. Colonel Debora Bell’s column of September 13, 2003)

Each fall, Walnut Hills Elementary School sponsors a Geography Club that culminates with a “Geography Bee.” To make the Bee more meaningful, participants seek sponsors who donate a given amount of money per question answered correctly. This fall, I read [Lt. Colonel Debora Bell’s] article in New Frontier that mentioned a $40 fee for students in the Marshall Islands to register for school. Our students in the Geography Club were motivated to have the fall 2003 funds of $129.50 donated for this program.

Thank you for inspiring the students at Walnut Hills Elementary School to transform a traditional educational exercise into an opportunity to help others in our world.
Susan Foster
Gifted & Talented
Resource teacher
Walnut Hills Elementary
Centennial, CO

Gregorys retire from active duty

Gregorys retire from active duty

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Promoted to Glory

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