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Letters to the editor

African article travels to Finland

Ed note: Jason Schaal, business manager for The Salvation Army’s training college in Helsinki, Finland (Eastern European Command) recently wrote to Tim Schaal, (no relation) THQ-IT Department regarding Tim’s article, “A mission to Africa.”

“We recently had our World Services appeal, and an article was used that you wrote in the August 15, 2001 edition of New Frontier. The article was given to me by our translator, who read this at the event…I found it very interesting.”

Jason Schaal
Helsinki, Finland

‘Corner’ comments

In the most recent issue of New Frontier Dr. Doctor’s editorial seemed a bit down on fundamental Christians. His comments were on the edge of being offensive to conservative Christians. He seems to feel that if you come from a conservative perspective then you are failing to show the love and grace of Christ to a needy world. Dr. Doctor seems to feel that theology should change as society changes.

While I support Dr. Doctor’s right to support the views he expressed within our territorial newspaper I wonder why there seems to be a lack of balance within your pages. Is there no one within the territorial or New Frontier staff who stands for conservative Christian principles.

Dr. Doctor’s comments, misguided though they may be, have at least caused me to read his words.

Ronald W. Wildman, Captain


It just seems as if Robert Doctor and his followers won’t leave it alone.

It is true that “God’s love knows no limits.” Quite so! It is also true that God’s approval is conditional on leading a holy and pure life.

The Dr.’s veiled references to the ‘rigid and narrow-minded’ only remind us that he is referencing those who disagree with his time honored liberal positions.

Gary Laws


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Promoted to Glory


Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

“God had an only Son and he made him a missionary,” said David

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