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by Janette Bosanko – 

Excitement is building at Territorial Headquarters, the College for Officer Training and the Divisions, as many participants prepare for Commissioning ’99.

Singing Company Competition

The Territorial Music Department is receiving weekly reports on the results of the Divisional Singing Company competitions. I am sure you will want to be in attendance in the Sierra Room at the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts to encourage the ten divisional finalists as they fill that hall with the sound of children’s voices. Please note it takes place on June 12 at 10:00 AM. The united Singing Companies will participate during the Saturday evening production.

Cross-Cultural Seminar

The Multi-Cultural Seminar will help you get better acquainted with your next-door neighbors, whether you sit next to them in the pew on Sunday morning or see them across the backyard fence.

Over a dozen mini-workshops will provide delegates with information and resources to help make each local Salvation Army program better aware of the people in our communities and how we can fulfill the calling to be Christ’s Body on earth today. Music and worship, ethnic dance and preaching will display the diversity of the Cross-Cultural Ministries across the Western Territory.

Don’t miss this marvelous opportunity to expand your cross-cultural vision! Sign up today for the Multi-cultural Seminar at Cerritos Sheraton Ballroom on Saturday June 12, at 1 p.m.!

Food Fiesta

A Food Fiesta has been planned on the forecourt of the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts. This will be a fun-filled event, with food stations set up with an international flavor. There will be separate children’s stations catering to their tastes. Food tickets can be purchased from Territorial Headquarters for this event. Please come share a meal with us and then proceed to the auditorium to enjoy the musical presented by the cadets commencing at 6:30 p.m.

“Jesus Folk Now”

Expectations for the all-new stage production of the Gowans/Larsson musical, “Jesus Folk Now,” are soaring. A new arrangement of the Rock Spiritual has been set by Kevin Larsson, son of Commissioner John Larsson, to be presented by the Torrance Gospel choir, known as “Psalm 151.” The rock setting of Jesus Folk will take on a new sound and dynamic as it is presented by the LA Harbor Light Chorus. Of course, any production gets a fresh lift with new casting. Cadets Roy Wild and Beau Perez bring new life to Lazarus and “dead as a dodo” parts. Cadet Gene Apuan climbs new heights as Zaccheus. Cadet Will Ware gives a verminous portrayal of the rat.

Commissioning & Ordination/Service of Appointments

It is always a thrill to be ministered to by General Eva Burrows (R). She will be the guest of honor for the weekend’s Commissioning celebrations. You are encouraged to join us on Sunday morning as we witness the commissioning and ordination of the “Faithful Intercessors” session of Cadets.

Traditionally, anticipation soars during the Appointments Service as we join in the excitement of the newly commissioned officers waiting to receive their appointments.

Rader Calls For Prayer

Rader Calls For Prayer

International Day of Prayer Sunday, May 23 To praying Salvationists everywhere:

New Appointment

New Appointment

Captain Kelly Pontsler, now territorial assistant finance secretary, has been

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