Gowans to speak at Officers’ Councils


Immediately following YouthQuake 6.02 and the Commissioning events, there will be a Territorial Officers’ Councils.

All officers in the Western Territory, including envoys in-charge, will join with territorial and international leaders on Monday June 17, 2002 at the Long Beach Convention Center Grand Ballroom for a half day’s Councils with General John Gowans and Commissioner Gisèle Gowans.

Current thinking is that the event will focus on “Defining Moments.” Those moments include the final visit of the Gowans as our international leaders, the retirement of our territorial leaders–Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards, and emphasis on defining moments important in the call and ministry of each and every officer. No doubt Gowans will touch on themes he has underlined during his tenure as General: saving souls, growing saints and serving suffering humanity.

The last Territorial Officers’ Councils was also held in Long Beach back in 1997 in connection with the Territorial Victory Congress. Our guests for that occasion were General Paul Rader and Commissioner Kay Rader. Of special significance is the fact that both the Raders and the Gowans have served in the West prior to being elected to international leadership. As we did for the Raders, we will do for the Gowans: express our sincere gratitude, warmest affection, and heartfelt prayers as they enter well-deserved retirement. There will be equal expressions for our retiring territorial leaders, the Edwards.

However, the major emphasis will be on the service rendered by each and every officer, moment by moment across our territory. The prayer and hope is that God will inhabit these moments in a way that will encourage, sustain and challenge officers, and strengthen them for ongoing ministry. General John Gowan’s abilities to inspire and challenge are no secret. As he did just two years ago at the Millennial Congress, we pray he will be used to do so at our Territorial Officers’ Councils.

While the early registration deadline has passed, the final registration deadline, May 1st at your corps, is fast approaching. Your best interests are served by meeting the deadline.

Finally, it’s not too common to say “what you pray into the Territorial Officers’ Councils is what you can expect out of the councils.” So, in the remaining 100 plus days until YouthQuake 6.02, Commissioning, and the Territorial Congress–please pray. Pray for the events, the leaders, the young people, the officers, the mighty moving of the Spirit in a way that will truly make these “defining moments” in our Western Territory.

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