Frontier Press publishes A View from the Corner

New book features Bob Docter’s columns; available on

Much to the delight of readers around the world, Frontier Press—the book publishing arm of New Frontier—has recently released A View from the Corner by Editor-in-Chief Robert Docter.

This acclaimed collection features 71 of Docter’s most popular columns relating to the life, times, and work of Salvationists and The Salvation Army; its 168 pages are filled with encouraging—and thought-provoking—columns garnered from 26 years of publications.

Addressing topics and themes ranging from the Army’s founders, William and Catherine Booth, to social action, corps life, advisory organizations, addictions and recovery, officer moves and more, his keen insight and often-humorous observations provide readers with plenty to think about.

Docter stated, “I have written this book for, and dedicated it to, the countless thousands of officers and soldiers who have lived lifetimes of dedication and commitment to God. Together, they formed an Army of Salvation—sharing food with the hungry—inviting the homeless poor into their homes—clothing the ill-clad—setting the imprisoned free—providing hope for the hopeless—visiting the sick and helpless.

“In so doing, they modeled the non-discriminating love of Christ with wordless sermons of compassion and care. The consistency of their selflessness inspired trust from their neighbors and fashioned a faithful, reliable and honorable image…today, we are stewards of that trust.”

Available on
His columns have resonated with officers and soldiers throughout the territory. “For multiple decades, Bob’s ‘On the Corner’ column has spoken to the heads and hearts of Salvationists and friends across this Western Territory and around the world,” said Commissioner Phil Swyers, Western territorial commander. “Bob has in his own unique way shared the main mission of the Army, and once again readers will be inspired and renewed in their desire to serve God in this Salvation Army.”

General Shaw Clifton commented, “Bob Docter’s A View from the Corner offers a highly stimulating perspective on many issues touching modern Salvationism in North America. I commend it to readers and express warm thanks to the author for sharing so effectively from a lifetime of dedicated Salvation Army service.”

According to Senior Editor/Editor at Large Sue Schumann Warner, book sales have been brisk. “Response to the book has been tremendous,” she stated. “In just under three months, we have recovered almost 75 percent of printing costs.” Warner noted that the book was a Christmas gift from the territorial commander to Western officers, and that Intermountain Divisional Commander Major Vic Doughty presented A View from the Corner to all members of the Denver Metro Advisory Board.

In a first for the West, the book is now available for purchase on

Docter, who was admitted to the Order of the Founder in 1992, served for 40 years as corps sergeant major at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps. He is the founding editor of the Western Territory’s New Frontier and Caring magazine.

He is currently working on a companion volume, A Complete Life, which will be a compilation of columns relating to Christian life and spiritual development.

Copies of A View from the Corner are available from trade departments throughout the U.S. and United Kingdom for U.S. $14.95. They may also be ordered online through Resource Connection (USA Central Territory) at: as well as

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