Family Crisis Shelter

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The first Boy Scout Troop in a homeless shelter in the nation was started in the Army’s Family Crisis Shelter in Phoenix–just one of a number of programs for young people whose families are making a new start in life.

Here, more than 260 homeless families are assisted each year, all with minor children. To participate, parents must have children, be drug and alcohol free, and have a job. Eighty percent of each paycheck is saved in order to have money for housing at the end of their three month stay.

While living at the shelter, adults must take living skills and parenting classes. The Salvation Army furnishes all meals, even packing sack lunches for parents and children to take to work and school. Laundry facilities and hygiene items are furnished as well. Children receive medical services through Arizona State University’s “Breaking the Cycle” program. The freshly painted interior walls and trim are the result of 200 volunteers from American Express, who donated their time and materials.

The shelter has a recreation room and library where books, games and comfortable sofas invite reading and relaxing. Families are encouraged to check out games and activities to play together.

Touching Lives All Year Round

Touching Lives All Year Round

Programs Meet Spectrum of Needs Throughout the year–around the

Safe Haven Ready to Build

Safe Haven Ready to Build

A groundbreaking ceremony was recently held in Las Vegas, Nev

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