Crestmont College opens new B.A. program to soldiers

Crestmont College has announced that 10 places in this June’s BA Degree class will be reserved for soldiers in the Western Territory, according to Major Brian Jones, Director of Degree Programs.

Crestmont, with its School for Officer Training and School for Continuing Education, is the hub for Salvation Army training and extended education programs in the Western Territory.

“We want to offer our soldiers in good standing the same educational opportunities given to officers,” Jones said. “Like officers, soldiers need leadership skills and knowledge about what it takes to nurture a healthy corps. We hope they will gain personal enrichment from being included with newly-commissioned officers and the experienced officers from around the West who now join the program each year.”

The BA Degree program is the most intensive continuing education offered by Crestmont. Participants who begin the program this year will be at the college in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., from June 19 ­ July 3 for 14 days of on-site core learning, followed by two semesters of online general education instruction.

This pattern will be repeated for four more years until the required 90 quarter units are completed and a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Degree is awarded in one of three concentrations: Bible & Christian Ministries, Applied Manage-ment & Leadership, or Caring Ministries.

The required curriculum also includes a component for spiritual growth and enrichment, and a cooperative education portfolio to formalize and demonstrate involvement in the corps.

Brochures are being mailed to every corps and interested soldiers should obtain recommendations from their corps and division and submit their applications by April 1 for the June 2002 class.

“Advisors at the college will be glad to speak with potential applicants who have academic, financial or other questions,” Jones said. “We have basic entrance requirements but there is flexibility to meet individual needs.”

For information, call 310-377-0481 or email:

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Caring journal redesigned

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