Commissioning: 6 individuals awarded as Divine Servants

During the 2019 Service of Appointments, Territorial Commander Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder presented the Divine Servant award to six individuals in honor of corps officers and others who by their conduct and leadership best exemplify what it means to be a servant in the name of Jesus Christ.

These individuals were awarded in 2019 as follows:


Captains Jose and Marina Martinez, Corps Officers, Pueblo, Colorado

Captains Jose and Marina Martinez have demonstrated servant hearts and a community minded approach to ministry in Pueblo, Colorado. They consider their entire community to be their mission field. Jose Martinez has immersed himself in the lives of many by starting a soccer ministry and a volleyball ministry. The Martinezes started marriage counseling for those who attend the sports ministries. They have been invited into the lives of the unchurched and those with catholic roots in their community, and they are often called upon for pastoral care. The willingness of the Martinezes to bring Jesus to the community through the building of relationships makes them perfect candidates to be recognized as divine servants.

Captains Jennifer and Paul Swain, Administrators for Program and Business, Seattle Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)

Captains Jennifer and Paul Swain have exemplified selfless service of Christ on a daily basis as leaders of the Adult Rehabilitation Center in Seattle.  They engage daily with the men and women of the program and help create an environment of love and acceptance for each beneficiary that enters their program.  Whether it’s in the warehouse, during Work Therapy Assessment, a meal in the center dining room, an outing in the community or following worship service or class, you will find the Swains looking for opportunities to serve the men and women in the program.  It is with a grateful and humble heart that they engage and serve each life in their care. In addition, the Swains do not consider their employees only a workforce, but also a group of men and women that they lead by serving. The Swains interact with their employees—team members who work in the warehouse, stores, trucks, donation centers or program.  They look for opportunities to encourage, thank and support their team members.

Major Debi Shrum, Corps Officer, Turlock, California

For the past 17 years, Major Debi Shrum has served faithfully in just one appointment—as Corps Officer of the Turlock Corps in the Golden State Division. During this time, she has given exemplary leadership and service and her efforts have developed the corps into an active and vibrant ministry. Show up at the corps anytime, and you will find people being served in a variety of ways. Shrum excels in community relations and she has been able to grow and enhance The Salvation Army’s services because of her contacts.  She is passionate about local corps ministry, and sharing the love of Christ to everyone around her. Major Shrum radiates joy in the Lord, and this is evident to all around her. Shrum’s selfless service for the sake of Christ on the front lines of ministry, is why she is presented with the Divine Servant Award.


Jennie Ing, recently retired as Secretary to the Divisional Commander, Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division

Jennie Ing worked for The Salvation Army for 59 years before retiring as the Secretary to the Divisional Commander in the Hawaii and Pacific Islands Division in January. She received proclamations from the Hawaii Senate, Hawaii House of Representatives and the City of Honolulu honoring her retirement. A senior soldier of the Kauluwela Mission Corps, Ing attends the corps with her husband and were instrumental in launching the annual Live Nativity in Manoa. They have served at every Thanksgiving meal of The Salvation Army in Honolulu since the event began 48 years ago. During her career, she served as secretary to 13 divisional commanders. Ing continues to volunteer at divisional events and is an active soldier and local officer at her corps.

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