ARC graduate smiling at camera

Connection initiative

The Western Territory annually admits 7,500 men and women into its 22 Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs), a cost-free and biblically-based program to overcome ... Read More
Painting of person looking at heart

A theology of caring

Care: (n.) a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; (v.) to be concerned or solicitous; have thought or regard (adj.) feeling and exhibiting concern... Read More
Dianne Callister

Paying it forward

Former Booth baby becomes Mother of the Year and starts her own nonprofit. Dianne Callister received a tremendous shock from her parents at just 8 years old—... Read More
close up of branch

Values imposition

We’re in the values education business. Our goal is to teach people to live God’s way as revealed in the life of Jesus—the Christ. If we live God’s way: He b... Read More
Rocks near ocean

Making room

Helping others feel welcome I wanted to leave, and you wouldn’t have blamed me. I stood before an ocean of gold and blue, of 40,000 people looking at me, not... Read More