Burrows Continues to Win West

The Army’s 13th international leader, General Eva Burrows (R), received the 1996 “Living Legacy” Award from the Women’s International Center in San Diego, California. The “tribute to greatness” similarly honored world renowned scientist Dr. Jonas Salk, for a lifetime of humanitarian service. Salk’s eldest son, Dr. Peter Salk, received the award on behalf of his father, now deceased.

The Salvation Army as an organization received one of the organizational “Living Legacy” awards. Commissioner Robert Watson, national commander, received the award on behalf of the Army.

The nearly 300 assembled guests gave Burrows a warm and friendly reception. She accepted the award on behalf of the thousands of Salvation Army men and women all around the world striving to make a difference in people’s lives.

Actor Patricia Neal, who received the Living Legacy Award in 1986 for her work with stroke patients, is the National Chairperson for the awards, and film star, Rhonda Fleming, 1995 recipient for her work with breast cancer patients, served as honorary chairperson for the evening.

Other recipients in past years include Mother Theresa, Maya Angelou, Kate Smith, Jehan Sadat and Ginger Rogers.

General Identifies Important Life Convictions

Ever positive, always challenging, General Eva Burrows (R) filled a number of speaking engagements with Crestmont cadets and officers in councils while in the Southern California and Sierra Del Mar divisions.

Appearing almost completely recovered from a very severe bone break in her leg, Burrows continued to touch her audiences with energy and dynamism characteristic of her years of international Army leadership. During her convalescence she took the opportunity to “study Job all over again.”

During her presentations she urged those who heard her to remain God centered and resist the temptation toward self-centeredness which seems to drive so many in our world. “Get to know God better so that He reigns in your lives. He is the ruler of the universe. He not only knows us, he loves us, and he reigns not only in power, but also in love. We matter to God, and we can never forfeit His love,” Burrows said.

In her remarks to officers and cadets she noted that she read considerably during her forced convalescence. One of the books which impacted her was Nelson Mandela’s The Long Walk to Freedom in which he stated that the key to survival is to have strong convictions. “Not opinions,”a Burrows said, “not views, not attitudes – but convictions.” This book forced her to identify her own life convictions which she shared and amplified with biblical citations and examples. They are:

  1. Everything that happens to us contributes to life if we know how to use it.
  2. There is no progress in the Christian life without a disciplined spirit.
  3. The Bible is a true and reliable blueprint for life.
  4. The cross is the most profound revelation in the universe.
  5. One of the most important issues in life is that of relationships. It is fundamental. God is a relational being. Our God is a community – three persons, and the best way we can reflect God is to build relationships that empower, encourage and are loving.
  6. The now is most important. It reflects the sacrament of the present moment. We can reflect on and gain inspiration from the past, but we can’t live there. Being future oriented is a trap. When we offer every “now” to God, He can use it.
  7. The great commission of Jesus Christ is God’s marching orders for every Salvationist. We must “harvest humanity for God.”
  8. The Salvation Army is a chosen instrument in the hands of God and has its own unique purpose in the church of Jesus Christ. Booth preached wholeness of person. We are both an evangelical force and a social agency. Like Jesus, they are one and the same.
  9. God’s glory must be the point of everything we do.

In amplifying this last point, Burrows noted that she was once asked what she would like to have as her epitaph. Here she stated firmly: “She pleased God.” would be the words she would select for her gravestone.

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