Army Proclaims A Risen Lord

by Robert Docter – 

The Army of the West proclaims a risen Lord, an empty tomb, a joyous morn as congregations assemble to celebrate Christianity’s highest day. He is risen. He is risen indeed!

Easter hymns sound forth from hearty voices accompanied by brass bands, organs, pianos, guitars, or accordions. Hallelujahs echo through the room as voices declare: Christ the Lord is risen today, hallelujah!

Many Army corps hold sunrise services to salute the dawn and claim the triumph over death in their own lives as well as Christ’s. Others circulate through hospitals with a reminder of Christ’s resurrection with gifts and copies of the Easter War Cry.

Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards have scheduled a busy day on the plains of Wyoming as they celebrate Easter with soldiers and friends in Cheyenne. They will greet the dawn, move on to a community Easter breakfast, participate in an Easter hour of Power, and lead the morning Holiness meeting. Following the visit to Cheyenne, Commissioner David Edwards will continue to the wide open spaces of eastern Montana for a visit to Billings.

Children, dressed in their Easter finery, will search for Easter eggs, an activity revealing the ease with which early Christians were able to adopt and modify pagan celebrations and thus communicate effectively to those outside the faith the reality of a new life in Christ.

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