YouthQuake 6.02 hits Long Beach

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CONFETTI FLIES during YouthQuake 6.02’s Youth Spectacular.


Addressing YouthQuake 6.02 delegates some 1,600 strong, the Army’s international leader, General John Gowans, preached a powerful message contrasting the “bad news” of the world’s profound instability with the “good news” of the Gospel that in an obedient relationship with Christ we will find the solid, unshakable rock foundation for our lives.

The session, held in the Long Beach Convention Center Exhibit Hall on Friday evening, also featured participation by youth from around the territory, including video and live testimonies; audience interaction with Territorial Youth Secretary Major Brian Bearchell and Creative Ministries Specialist Kevin White; the praise and worship music of PraiseWorks (Tustin Ranch Corps); special music from Mathew “Dooley” Chandler (Tucson Amphi, AZ Corps); and provocative and clever video clips and infomercials produced by the territorial youth department.

A significant highlight of the meeting was the stirring testimony to the power of God by accepted candidate Trina Pockett (El Cajon, CA Corps), who recounted the circumstances that led to the miraculous birth of her daughter, Katelyn, and her own healing from cancer just 18 months ago.

Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease during the final months of her pregnancy, Trina and her husband, Jeff, were urged by doctors for her to undergo immediate chemotherapy if there was to be any hope of her survival. They were also counseled to terminate the pregnancy because of the potential effects upon the baby. In a remarkable demonstration of faith, the Pocketts told the doctors that aborting the child was not an acceptable option.


STEPS OF PRAISE, from San Diego, Calif., present a song of praise at YouthQuake.

Following several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, Katelyn, a healthy baby girl, was born. Soon after, Trina was also given a clean bill of health. The Pocketts both recognized the miracle-working hand of God in their lives. “We are now looking forward to serving this awesome God as Salvation Army officers,” Trina said. The congregation responded with shouts of praise to God and extended applause of affirmation.

Following the scripture reading by Commissioner Gisèle Gowans, the General spoke. “Those of you who were born within the last 30 years were born into an earthquake,” the General said. With holy passion and clarity he shared graphic illustrations of the issues that shake this generation’s world–the breakdown of the family, drugs, violence, selfishness and lust.

Then, reading from Matthew 7:24-27, the General reminded his listeners that, though we are not removed from the earthquake that continues to pound this world, we can stand firm if, in our relationship with Christ, we will obey his words and put them into action. “He (God) does not make us obey,” he said, “Because he love us, he asks us to choose.”

In response to the Holy Spirit’s appeal through the words of the General, many young people made their way to the mercy seat for prayer and to offer themselves in obedience to his call upon their lives.

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In the meantime…

In the meantime…

BY GORDON BINGHAM –  Here we are in that period of the Salvation Army

YouthQuake 6.02 – Adult track led by Tillsleys, Lescanos

YouthQuake 6.02 – Adult track led by Tillsleys, Lescanos

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