Youth Rally: Showing God’s power and glory to others

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The second day of Commissioning held a message about Jesus feeding the 5,000 and time for fun and fellowship.
Those who attended the Commissioning 2017 youth rally on June 3 learned how Jesus will use what we have to offer in our talents and capabilities to show God’s glory to those who do not know Christ. This is a continuation of youth lessons throughout the weekend centered around Jesus performing miracles to show God’s power and why he is worthy of following and worship.
The afternoon skit was about what it means to follow Jesus and why we should follow him. The puppet Andy was feeling insecure about not being friends with the cool kids in his swim class, and wanted to do something to make them like him. His grandmother told him the story about Jesus feeding the 5,000 and how he used what the little boy offered to bless other people and show God’s glory and power. She told Andy that God will use him to show God’s light and love through the inner confidence God had put in Andy.
After the skit, the kids were led into praise and worship, singing “Blessed be the Name of the Lord” and “10,000 Reasons.”
David Witthoff, Territorial Christian Education Director for Discipleship, expanded the skit’s message after worship, saying that Jesus brings people along in his experience.
“Jesus invites us in making his kingdom a reality on earth,” Witthoff said. “It is out of our identity in Jesus that we can do the work of God and join in ministry from who you are and are created to be.”
The kids enjoyed carnival style section of the room with bounce houses, games and ping-pong tables after the service.

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