WYI knocks off socks


to the Western Youth Institute, held recently at Camp Arnold, take a break.


Camp Arnold, Northwest Division–Absolutely awesome! Mind blowing! Radically challenging! Spiritually stretching and uplifting! Breathtaking! WYI2K ­ it knocked our socks off!

So what are we talking about? The year 2000 Western Youth Institute that was held at Camp Arnold August 14–20, that’s what! You could feel it building from the very start, even from last year’s WYI, God was going to do something special this year. None of the 210 delegates and staff were disappointed.

“The Holy Spirit was so evident in every aspect of WYI this year, you could feel it all over camp,” stated one WYI staff member. “Everybody seemed to be on the same page, ready for God to challenge them spiritually, anxious to grow and learn.”

WYI is a discipleship/leadership development week for Salvationist young adults ages 16–25. Delegates participate in spiritual growth electives, creative ministry classes, special programs and outreach opportunities.

Christian recording artist (and friend of The Salvation Army) Geoff Moore performed and ministered on Tuesday night with a high-powered concert. Although his concert was incredible and full of energy, it turned out to be a prelude to the awesome and more powerful moving of the Holy Spirit during a praise and worship time held after the concert.

Captains Stephen Court and Danielle Strickland returned from Canada to serve as our week-long seminar leaders and provided dynamic leadership. “Stephen and Danielle really challenged us to come out of our comfort zones, leaving us totally dependent on the Holy Spirit, stretching us to move to that next level,” said Capt. Brian Bearchell, Territorial Youth and Candidates’ Secretary.

WYI2K was an incredible week. Far more happened than can be outlined in this article. For a more detailed look, read the next issue of HomePage!

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