World Service giving touches countless lives around the globe

The sacrificial giving of Western Salvationists continues to make a difference in countless lives around the world. While the donations are identified in dollars and cents, their impact in programs and people cannot be measured. The following are a few instances of recent gifts from the West:


“We will be a people committed to worldwide missions, willing to share with the worldwide Salvation Army our resources of people and money in order to win the world for Jesus.”

Indonesia: In addition to a donation from the Netherlands Territory, the U.S. Western Territory contributed $75,000 toward a dormitory at William Booth Boys’ Home, Medan. Included are six bedrooms as well as rooms for dining and studying, offices, kitchen and storage, and an assembly hall. People in the community hope that this new building will mean more caring for the children there and also from the outside whoneed care and education.

Korea: By its donation of $125,000, the Western Territory made possible a territorial re-treat site and conference center, for courses such as the Overseas Mission Training School.

Papua New Guinea: Our donation of $5,000 has made possible a new Meii corps building, constructed by its people. The members were divided into groups that worked one day each week, while women prepared food for all. Working together like this has strengthened everyone’s relationships. Though an early rainy season delayed the project, completion is expected by the end of July 2000.

India: Our donation of $11,000 will greatly enhance the ministry of the Army in India. One year of the two-year diploma course in Women’s Social Work has now been completed. This dealt with child care, community development, geriatric care, nutrition and other aspects of community health. Next year will go into study of street children, orphans and child laborers, and poultry and animal husbandry. Balance of funds will be used to train other women officers.

India South Eastern: Two English schools have benefited from a donation for new lab equipment in this territory.

India South Western: Corps officers and people were praying for a new church at Meenamchira, achieved by a donation of $6,250 from the Western Territory. The balance of $600, due to the people’s labor and cooperation, has been used to construct a wall at divisional headquarters in Neyyattinkara.

South America West: The West provided funding of $30,000 for the Cholera Program at Harry Williams Hospital in Bolivia. Permission was granted for the remaining balance to be used for Viviana Cruz’ open heart surgery. They joyfully report that she is now returning to her studies after a full recovery.

South America East: The U.S. West’s donation of $23,350 met a specific need in Colonia Valdense by financing a new corps building. A gift of $5,000 has enabled the officers to undertake many activities at the newly opened corps at Mar Del Plata.

Nigeria: The new corps hall at Ishiet Erong was made possible by the West’s donation of $7,000. Permission was granted for a remaining balance to be used to paint the corps hall.

East Africa: Funding of $5,000 from our territory has provided roofs for 18 corps halls throughout this territory.

India: $8,968 from our territory made a great difference in the surroundings of the Conference Center at Surrenden, Coonoor. The road from the entrance connecting the main building and annexes had not been repaired for seven years. Roads were put in convenient condition for walking and vehicle use. Anti-grass chemicals prevent damage to this metal road. Indian Salvationists and the leaders and delegates attending conferences, workshops and seminars in the center appreciate the generosity of the donors and thank them.


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