Words of Life provides ‘strength to carry on’

The Pentecost 2003 edition of Words of Life (May-August) is available for purchase.

Editor Major Barbara Sampson notes that this edition features the stories of Saul and Philip in the New Testament, Nehemiah and Daniel in the Old Testament, as well as some remarkable modern day believers. “They all found that God did not take them out of their burdened situation, but, in the very midst of the hard task, gave them strength to carry on.”

Using the legend of St. Christopher, Sampson explains: “The legend of St. Christopher tells the story of a large man who carried the Christ Child across a river. Part way across, the child suddenly became so heavy that Christopher feared he was going to drop him. But from the heavy burden came the strength to continue and Christopher reached the side of the river in safety. ‘Give me the strength to carry on’ is the heart cry of many believers in this non-stop age. The task gets difficult, the burden heavy to carry.”

Words of Life is available at Supplies and Purchasing for $4.00, plus tax and shipping. To order, call 1-800-937-8896.

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